Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lyin’ Ben Likes Spending Other People’s Money

At the end of every casino advertisement there’s a note saying “If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-I’m a Degenerate Gambler”.

Ok, so it doesn’t really say that but you know what I mean.

Political ads should have the same disclaimer except we already know what problems they have.

In the case of Jefferson Parish Councilman and Kenner Mayoral Candidate Ben Zahn he has two main problems: Zahn is a pathological liar and he has a spending problem – he likes spending other people’s money.

The “news” on that Zahn is outspending his runoff opponent, Kenner Councilman Gregory Carroll, by a 30-1 margin came as no surprise.

Ben is just following the Minister of Propaganda Greg Buisson’s playbook: raise hundreds of 
thousands from contractors; inundate the unsuspecting public with splashy mail pieces; put signs up everywhere (and have folks take down your opponent’s signs or intimidate businesses that have signs for your opponent); put out BS polls and spoon feed the media; get as many fake endorsements as possible; and discourage the public from supporting your opponent with your overwhelming signs, direct mail pieces, robocalls and lies.

Of course, Zahn, like most political candidates, doesn’t spend any of his own money so what does he care?

As long as he wins, Zahn can reward his campaign contributors with lucrative no-bid contracts.

Essentially, Zahn uses campaign contributor’s money to win and then pays them off with OUR money.

Over the past 10 years, Zahn has approved Hundreds of Millions of dollars in no-bid contracts for his campaign contributors.

Since Zahn has no “real” money himself, it’s a perfect scheme.

Mike Yenni, Aaron Broussard, and thousands of politicians through the years have followed the same scheme: get campaign contributions – hand out contracts to contributors.

Of course, to hear the Times-Picayune extoll the virtues of Zahn the “businessman” in their ridiculous endorsement of Zahn, you would think that Lyin’ Ben was Kenner’s version of Donald Trump (instead of Lyin’ Hillary).

Calling Zahn a “businessman” is an affront to anyone that has actually started or managed a business.

The T/P says that Zahn owns “Zahn’s Decorating”..


We all know that Zahn is, or was, an unlicensed florist who lived off his disabled Father’s florist license for years so, since that scheme has been exposed, Zahn started another business as a “Decorator”.

Can’t call himself a “florist” anymore so Lyin’ Ben is now a “Decorator”.

So, what exactly does it take to be a “Decorator”.

Nothing at all.

In fact, if you or I were so inclined, we could open up a “Decorating” business.

It really is that easy.

Of course, the T/P doesn’t tell you that nor do they tell you that Lyin’ Ben took over $50,000 from Aaron Broussard’s campaign account (again, other people’s money) for “flowers” or that Zahn, while unlicensed and a Kenner City Councilman, had a contract with Jefferson Parish to provide flowers for the Parish-owned Alario Center and a backdoor deal to provide flowers for events at the Pontchartrain Center (which was in Zahn’s Council district).

And, while it was extolling Lyin’ Ben’s business acumen and economic development abilities, did the T/P mention how many non-family members that Zahn’s Decorating employs?

Of course not.

Did the T/P divulge how many businesses and jobs that Zahn has recruited to Kenner during his tenure on the JP and Kenner Councils, or his connections to other business groups like Envision 2020 (we’re almost in 2017 so what exactly did Envision 2020 accomplish again?)?

The answer to those questions is the same as how many non-family jobs Zahn has created.

But, the T/P did mention that Lyin’ Ben is going to focus on Economic Development.

Of course, they said the same thing about our Sexual Predator-In-Chief, Mike Yenni.

Just as the T/P Editorial claimed that Zahn served two terms on the Kenner City Council (wrong again), Zahn continues to prove that the more times you tell a lie, the more people actually believe you.

BTW, for the T/P Editorial Board and those interested, Zahn was re-elected to the Kenner City Council in 2010 and quit on his constituents to hop to the JP Council in 2011, just as he was re-elected (without opposition) to the JP Council in 2015 and is quitting on his constituents yet again in his attempt to hop to Mayor.

Is it any wonder why the public doesn’t trust the mainstream media when the vaunted T/P Editorial Board can’t even get simple facts correct? Or were they trying to intentionally deceive us yet again?

So, the reality is that Zahn hasn’t served two terms at any elected position.

Must be nice spending other people’s money to move from job to job despite being woefully inadequate.

The fact is, Lyin’ Ben makes more money on the JP Council than he ever did as an unlicensed florist or as a “Decorator”.

When you add in the money Zahn skims from his campaign account (other people’s money) to pay for his meals, gifts and other items, and the money that Lyin’ Ben makes for supplying flowers to Mike Yenni’s prom dates, Lyin’ Ben is living the high life.

Sorry Ben, Mikey this year’s Prom scene, unless he goes incognito or hangs out in the Little Boy’s Room as he is known to do.

Over the past few months, whenever I’ve encountered a Ben Zahn supporter, I’ve asked them the same question:

“What specifically, besides try to double your property taxes, triple your sewerage fees, attempt to close playgrounds and approve the largest debt in Kenner’s history without voter approval has Ben Zahn ever done for Kenner?”

I have always been met with a blank stare.

“Well, uh, I’m sure he’s done something.
A clown does “something”.

So does a Sexual Predator, but we won’t go there (although the T/P Editorial Board also endorsed our Sexual Predator-In-Chief no less than 3 times).

In 2011, when I ran against Zahn for JP Council, Lawrence Chehardy did a robocall for Lyin’ Ben. Chehardy bashed me and said that Zahn was the “low taxes” and “small government” candidate.


So, answer this for me please.

In 5 years on the Kenner City Council and 5 years on the JP Council, please point ordinance where Zahn tried to lower your taxes or reduce the size of government.

I’ll save you the time because you can’t.

But, I digress. We were talking about Lyin’ Ben’s spending problem.

f you look through Zahn’s campaign finance report, you can see how much money Lyin’ Ben has spent from his campaign account (other people’s money) to finance his own lifestyle.

Thousands of dollars in expensive meals (allegedly with constituents although I don’t believe that Lyin’ Ben has any “constituents” in New Orleans or on the Northshore), gifts, giftcards, holiday meals, and more.

In fact, if you eliminate the money that Lyin’ Ben pays the Minister of Propaganda Buisson, he probably has spent more money on non-campaign items than on the elections themselves.

One other quick point to illustrate Lyin’ Ben’s spending problem.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Zahn sued me twice and lost.

He offered to settle his suit attempting to ban me from telling the truth about Zahn’s conflict of interest with the now-defunct Kenner Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

After the Attorneys worked out the details, there was one final detail that Zahn insisted on:

The money that he paid to settle the lawsuit had to be paid from – wait for it – his campaign account.

That’s right.

Even when Lyin’ Ben knew he was wrong he couldn’t man up and pay the bill himself, he paid it with other people’s money.

If you think there are too many lawsuits now how many do you think there would be if you could sue someone and use other people’s money like Lyin’ Ben to pay when you lose?

Let’s summarize: Lyin’ Ben uses other people’s money to hop from political job to political job; uses other people’s money to finance his lifestyle (c’mon Ben – buying your kids Slushies with other people’s money is rich even for pond scum like you); and when he sues people and loses, Lyin’ Ben uses other people’s money to settle the lawsuits.

For the record, I didn’t receive a penny or personally profit from the settlement. The last thing I wanted was money from Zahn’s campaign.

Besides, I can buy my own meals.

Isn’t it time that YOU made Lyin’ Ben pay for his own meals too?

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Delusional Mind of Mike Yenni

If you are a fan of “The Young and the Restless”: (and, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am), yu know all about the infamous psychiatric hospital called “Fairview”. For a relatively small town like the fictional Genoa City, Wisconsin, they seem to have quite a few mental hospitals nearby.  

Perhaps they are eating too much expired cheese.

If that is the case, and old cheese really does impact your cognitive resources, Mike Yenni must be consuming old cheese by the truckload.

Since I am relatively sane (I think I am anyway – at least that’s what the voices inside my head tell me), I don’t know what Jefferson Parish’s equivalent of Fairview is.

If we have one, Mike Yenni’s JPSO driver needs to drop him off ASAP.

Yenni continues to prove that he has lost touch with reality.

Jefferson Parish’s Sexual Predator-in-Chief continues his stalling tactics while awaiting an inevitable recall that will kick him to the curb like a pair of old designer underwear.

Yenni claims that he wants to do his job, the one that the misguided voters of Jefferson Parish (who, in their defense, were unaware that Yenni was trolling schools to have sex with underage boys), elected him to do.

The problem is, Yenni CAN’T do his job.

Yenni campaigned for Parish President under the guise of improving public education (which the Parish President has no control over) and economic development.

Yenni even named a former Jefferson Parish School Superintendent as one of his top deputies.

Since those two issues polled well, the Minister of Propaganda, Greg Buisson, crafted a narrative that helped Yenni win.

Since his sexting affair was exposed, Yenni has been banned from Catholic Schools and Public Schools in Jefferson Parish.

Yenni can’t attend school events, congratulate students or student athletes or speak at commencement ceremonies.

Yenni was even asked to not attend functions at his alma mater, Jesuit High School.

He called the school banning “Outlandish”.

So much for improving education.

This week, Yenni was uninvited from the Jefferson Chamber’s State of the Parish Address.

The Chamber has been a huge Yenni supporter throughout his political career.

I wonder how their Board feels now knowing that they endorsed, supported and furthered the career of a Sexual Predator?

The State of the Parish Address has always been given by the Parish President and the Parish Council Chairman.

Until this year.

This Address featured Yenni’s top aide, Keith Conley. Yenni made a brief appearance at the luncheon and then sped out claiming that he needed to attend another meeting.

Before he left, Yenni told reporters that Conley’s substitution had been in the works for months and that Yenni had told the Chamber that he wanted to move the Address to January or February.

“We have big news coming in November and December”, Yenni said, claiming that the Address should reflect a full year of his Parish Presidency.

None of that is true.

If Yenni really wanted to move the Address, I’m relatively certain that the Chamber would have accommodated him. The Kenner Business Association moved their State of the City Address when Yenni was Mayor from the traditional November to the Spring to coincide with Yenni’s reelection campaign. BTW, the State of the City Address is back in November this year and will be given by the ethically-challenged Acting Mayor Mike Sigur.

As I said, the Chamber probably would have moved the event had Yenni asked.

Of course, that was before they learned that Yenni was a Sexual Predator.

If  the local business community that has always backed you now wants nothing to do with you, what makes Mike Yenni think that any CEO thinking of moving his business to Jefferson Parish or expanding his business and creating jobs wants to stand at the same podium next to a Sexual Predator?

How can Yenni attract and recruit new businesses and jobs?

The short answer: He CAN’T.

 Another function of the Parish President is to communicate with the public and attend civic functions.

What civic association wants to have Mike Yenni as their Guest Speaker?

Whether the recall effort is successful or not (and I hope that it is), the fact remains that Yenni is on an island. He can’t speak to civic groups; he can’t attend school functions; he can’t provide economic development leadership to the parish.

This is a sad pattern for Yenni. Whenever he faces criticism he avoids the press and tries to do an end run around the will of the people.

After his plan to double property taxes was defeated by Kenner voters, Yenni decided on a new tactic – use an antiquated law to max out Kenner’s credit cards and take on the largest debt in Kenner’s history to provide more contracts for his campaign contributors. He wouldn’t allow the public to vote on the massive debt they were incurring.

All that mattered to Mike Yenni was Mike Yenni’s legacy.

That’s all that Mike Yenni still cares about: His legacy.

Yenni has lost the trust of the educational and business communities and, more imporatantly, the people of Jefferson Parish.

He can’t do his job.

By continuing to prolong the inevitable, the only thing Yenni can do is continue to be an embarrassment to Jefferson Parish residents.

Sadly, we’ve finally found something that Mike Yenni is actually good at.

That and living in his own delusional world.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ben Zahn – JP’s Hillary Clinton (or Mike Yenni Lite)

Elections are funny, particularly this one.
For the past year r so, Donald Trump has been racing across the country repeatedly proclaiming that Hillary Clinton is a liar and has used her positions in government to benefit herself personally and increase the profits of her campaign contributors.
“Crooked Hillary” is Trump’s refrain.
For the past several years, I’ve told you two things consistently: Ben Zahn and Mike Yenni were pathological liars who have used their government positions to enrich themselves and their campaign contributors.
I guess it’s really true – all politics are local.
Hillary lies on National TV and Zahn lies in direct mail pieces (he wouldn’t dare go on TV and face a reporter’s question. Like Yenni, Zahn hides behind written statements carefully crafted by the Minister of Propaganda, Greg Buisson).
Zahn put out several direct mail pieces and could have easily been charged with Mail Fraud.
In one, Zahn used fake renderings (just like Yenni did when he was promoting his 2030 Scheme) of Williams Blvd. Titled, “A New Williams Blvd Under Mayor Ben Zahn”, the piece was a complete fabrication. It would take a MASSIVE REZONING effort and even more debt than Kenner could afford to make Williams Blvd. as idyllic as Yenni and Zahn would like you to believe. There are houses that were made into commercial offices up and down Williams along with old strip centers and commercial blight. Ben Zahn doesn’t have the experience, the knowledge or the ability to remake Williams Blvd.
And, stop showing us underground powerlines. Entergy isn’t going to spend Tens of Millions of dollars unless there is another Katrina and it is forced to.
The other day, I got another piece of Mail Fraud from Zahn. In it, Zahn claimed to tell the former owner of The Esplanade Mall, Simon Properties, to “Upgrade or Uproot.” Obviously, Zahn was not aware that the mall was sold to new owners. In addition, the Mayor (and a JP Councilman like Zahn currently is) can do little to force a private property owner to sell or invest more in their property. While we all want an improved Esplanade, the City can only assist the owners, work to recruit business (or, in Kenner’s case, trust JEDCO to do it for us – which it doesn’t), and make Kenner more business friendly (which it isn’t).
Did I mention that JEDCO and the Jefferson Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, which also receives Kenner tax dollars, are both clients, like Yenni and Zahn, of Buisson?
In addition, the thought of Ben Zahn issuing an ultimatum is hysterical. Anyone that has ever met Zahn or heard him speak knows that he has no backbone. If Zahn actually had a spine, he would have condemned Yenni for him immoral sexting of a teenager. Instead, Zahn signed a wimpy letter seeking Yenni’s resignation along with several of his other councilmen who all have ties to Greg Buisson (and who probably wrote the letter and crafted it to not be too hard on Mikey).
The similarities between Ben Zahn and our potential Liar-In-Chief and our current (hopefully I won’t be saying that much longer) Sexual Predator-In-Chief are striking.
Like Hillary, a true Progressive Democrat, Zahn and Yenni are Republicans In Name Only (RINOs). Zahn and Yenni are both Republicans simply to win elections, nothing more. Yenni and Zahn are BIG GOVERNMENT, HIGH TAX and SPEND PROGRESSIVES despite what the Jefferson Parish Republican Party and sham groups like the Greater New Orleans Republicans (GNOR), who only pop their heads out of the sand when it’s time to TELL YOU whom to vote for, would like you to believe.
Memo to the JP Republican Party: There are 3 R’s running for Kenner Mayor and the only real Conservative running for Kenner Mayor is a Democrat – Gregory Carroll. What does that tell you about your party’s values?
Like Hillary and Yenni, Zahn earns more now as a JP Councilman than he ever has in his life (discounting the money laundering he did with Aaron Broussard’s campaign account). If Zahn is elected Kenner Mayor, and reelected in 2018 when the Mayoral pay increase takes effect, Zahn and Yenni will both earn over $100,000 per year from their positions on the taxpayer doll.
Like Hillary and Yenni, Zahn’s net worth has skyrocketed, not from his floral business, but from his elected positions.  Zahn has done very well for himself in the PAY-TO-PLAY cesspool that is the world of politics.
Like Hillary and Yenni, Zahn has been coddled by the media. Even when he has blatantly lied to The Times-Picayune, they still have endorsed him.
Like Yenni, Zahn has spent TENS of Thousands of dollars in campaign money to finance his lifestyle. Like Yenni, Zahn has paid for meals, gifts, gas, and even Slushies for his kids from his campaign account (AKA other people’s money).
Like Yenni, Zahn has awarded TENS of Millions in No-Bid Contracts to his campaign contributors.
Like Yenni, Zahn’s political mentor was Aaron Broussard.
Like Yenni, Zahn has the same Campaign Manager, the Minister of Propoganda, Greg Buisson.
Like Yenni, Zahn has many of the same campaign contributors and supporters.
Like Yenni, Zahn supported the extension of the Crescent City Connection tolls.
When Yenni was Mayor of Kenner, Zahn supported Yenni’s plan to Double Property Taxes.
When Yenni was Mayor of Kenner, Zahn supported Playground closings which would have severely impacted the Hispanic and Black communities. Did Yenni and Zahn think that limiting recreational access to our at risk youth would reduce the crime rate?
Unlike Hillary and Yenni, Zahn isn’t under FBI investigation…yet, but Zahn has been investigated by other governmental entities for his questionable ethics and judgement.
If you want big government in Kenner; if you want a government that caters to the Elite and could care less if you’re an average citizen that doesn’t write a check to a political candidate; if you’re FOR HIGHER TAXES and a reduced quality of life; if you want a Mayor that uses other people’s money to enrich himself and enhance his lifestyle; if you want another Mayor with questionable ethics, vote for Ben Zahn.
So, if Ben Zahn is elected Mayor of Kenner, will he be the Next Hillary or Yenni or Both?
After Aaron Broussard, Mike Yenni, and a year of the ethically challenged “Acting Mayor” Mike Sigur, hopefully the voters of Kenner can learn from their past mistakes and not promote Ben Zahn.

Obviously, the Jefferson Parish Republican Party hasn’t learned from its past mistakes.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Recall Mike Yenni and Kick Dennis DeMarco Off The Island Too

If you are like most people, you have a well defined morning routine. For me, it’s wake up, thank God for giving me another day and the hope that I will be able to do something during the course of the day to allow Her to give me another day tomorrow too. Then I turn the TV on CNBC (since Cox no longer carries Bloomberg) and I get caught up on the overnight news.
 NEVER wake up and say, “I think I will write about JP Registrar of Voters Dennis DeMarco today” and I certainly NEVER thought that I would write about  DeMarco in two successive posts.
Try as I might to avoid wasting time on an appointed official like DeMarco, I need to write about him again.
DeMarco has long been a mentor and FOM (Friend Of Mike). He is on the Board of Directors of the Yenni Cabal. The fact that he has lasted in government as long as he has is as much a testament to Louisiana’s arcane laws (who appoints someone that is not a Supreme Court Judge to a lifelong position?) as it is to DeMarco doing just enough to keep from getting his proverbial torch put out and getting kicked off the island.
In my last post, I mentioned that there were “internet” issues at JP early voting stations that resulted in long lines and, I’m certain, many people just leaving rather than spend a chunk of their day waiting in line to cast their ballot for 2 Presidential candidates that the bulk of the population can’t stand.
I also stated that DeMarco long ago outlived his usefulness to anyone not named Mike Yenni.
Now, DeMarco is back in the news for two additional issues.
Wednesday, Recall Mike Yenni volunteers were stationed in the parking lot of the Yenni Building, an early voting station.
Despite being more than 600 feet from the polling entrance, DeMarco took issue with those gathering signatures (now over 15,000 btw).
“Who do you think you are helping?”, DeMarco asked the volunteers.
How about the People of Jefferson Parish who are trying to wash away the stench of our Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni?
The Recall volunteers were well within the law. They were stationed in a PUBLIC PARKING lot and not obstructing traffic.
But DeMarco felt the need to harass the citizens attempting to collect signatures to Recall Yenni.
What a joke.
As the TV hucksters say,
“But wait – there’s more…”
Thursday, DeMarco was again in the news. WWL-TV reported that DeMarco had a “Private” voting machine in his conference room.
Louisiana law states that ALL voting machines must be in PUBLIC view.
DeMarco claimed that he was within his rights to have a voting machine separate from the others so that “Police, Firemen, and VIPs could cut to the front of the line.”
Allowing Police, Fire, Military-in-Uniform, the elderly and disabled to the front of the line is fine. Allowing some of them to vote in a private conference room isn’t, despite DeMarco’s claims.
Besides, what “VIPs” are he referring to?
Perhaps Mike Yenni and his latest sexual conquest?
Nah, Yenni prefers those who haven’t yet reached the voting age. Besides, why hide behind a voting curtain when you kiss someone in a public restroom?
DeMarco has been Registrar of Voters long enough to know the rules and, like Yenni, was caught this time. The voters of JP have no idea how long this illegal practice has gone on.
The Louisiana Secretary of State confiscated the illegal voting machine along with the list of those who signed in to use it.
Can’t wait to see whose names are on that list.
I can guarantee you though that the number of Police and Firemen will be small and the list of JP “VIPs” (according to DeMarco anyway), will vastly outnumber the First Responders.
If DeMarco were elected I’d say, set up a table next to the Recall Yenni tables to Recall DeMarco.
Sadly though, we won’t have that opportunity.
But, after this election is over, if kicking DeMarco off the island isn’t on the Parish Council’s agenda, you can bet that it will still

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Choice For Kenner Mayor Is Clear

Early voting began yesterday in Kenner and there were glitches at Jefferson Parish polling stations. Far be it from me to toss out conspiracy theories but, the JP Registrar of Voters, Dennis DeMarco, is a Democrat and a Yenni Acolyte (which means he is also a Zahn supporter). I’m relatively certain that, if he could do anything to help Lil Ben, including suppressing Democratic votes that might help Greg Carroll, DeMarco it in a heartbeat

It’s a good thing I’m not into the conspiracy theory game, right?

The fact is, DeMarco should have retired (or been forced to) years ago. But that would require him to get his snout out of the public trough. And, we know folks like DeMarco won’t do that without a fight.

Since this is also a Presidential Election, more people will be voting for Kenner Mayor than ever before. Many will be voting for Kenner Mayor for the first time. While I never tell anyone who to vote for, since the Kenner Mayoral election is particularly important,  I am going to tell you who I will be voting for.

In my opinion (and, if you’re reading this you either appreciate my opinions or you think I’m full of crap – like Ben Zahn, who you are most likely supporting), even with 5 candidates and the most crowded Mayoral election in over 10 years, the choice for Kenner Mayor is clear.

After almost a year of “Acting Mayor” Mike Sigur - - - sorry but I still can’t say that without laughing out loud; 5 years of the professional (and now personal) disgrace that is Jefferson Parish’s Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni; and 4 years of Yenni as Kenner CAO (primarily to poke Ed Muniz whenever Ed nodded off), the next Mayor of Kenner will serve for about a year and a half before we start this process all over again.

Even though it’s just for a year and a half, your vote for Kenner Mayor is important. Whether you support Trump or Clinton; Kennedy, Boustany, Fleming, Campbell, Fayard. Maness or another U.S. Senatorial candidate NOT named Duke; please consider carefully who you believe has the most integrity (something that has been sorely lacking in Kenner politics) and who will do the best job. I have and my choice is listed below.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to read my profiles of the 5 Mayoral candidates, here’s the “Reader’s Digest” version.

Ben Zahn – Ben Zahn is a pathological liar who will do anything and say anything to get elected. He has lied to the media on multiple occasions (and the media has never called him on it), lied to the people of Kenner on multiple occasions, and sued me twice (he lost both times) to stop me from telling the truth. He has been planning his coronation to Mayor for years. He was reelected to the Kenner City Council in 2010, and quit on his constituents to job hop to the JP Council in 2011. He ran without opposition in 2015, and now wants to quit that job (again) to job hop back to Kenner. Zahn has no experience running an entity even remotely close to size of the City of Kenner and it’s $50 Million + budget.

Zahn is a disciple of Aaron Broussard, and took over $50,000 from Broussard’s campaign account for “flowers”, despite Broussard being a Democrat and Zahn being an unlicensed florist.

Zahn is a Yenni Acolyte. He supported Yenni’s plan to double property taxes and he was a 110% Yenni voter on the Council. His top JP Council Aide is Mike Yenni’s former Driver (I wonder how many times he drove Yenni to a school playground so Yenni could drool over young boys or how many times he drove Yenni for a sexual liason).

Zahn has been a close confidant of Yenni’s for over 10 years. Among the many things the two share are campaign contributors and their campaign manager, the PuppetMaster himself, Greg Buisson.

The bottom line is, when Yenni is recalled, all of Yenni’s political appointees in JP will be looking for a new space at the public trough and they will readily find one in a Zahn Administration.

Zahn has been on the Kenner or JP Council for the past 10 years. Before you vote For Ben Zahn, ask yourself: what has Ben Zahn done for Kenner?

Yeah, I don’t know either.

A vote FOR Ben Zahn is a defacto vote FOR Mike Yenni. That’s what happens when you spend 10 years in Mike Yenni’s filthy pocket.

Maria DeFrancesch – As I wrote previously, I’ve tried really hard to like Maria DeFrancesch. Sadly, she has become like a peeping Tom – she’s always there, lurking, but she never really does anything.

Like Zahn, DeFrancesch has been on the Kenner City Council for the past 10 years. She ran unopposed for Council-At-Large in 2014 after she was term limited in District 4.

She was a member of Yenni’s Economic Development Committee (remember them? They approved the largest debt in Kenner’s history for some pretty medians and public art and didn’t recruit one business to Kenner or create one job). She was also a member of Economic Development Committee’s subcommittee on The Esplanade Mall, which resides in her former Council District. She has sat back and watched The Esplanade wither while tossing out the delusional promises of large retailers coming to Kenner right before each election.

Maria won’t try that this time because the people of Kenner are on to her game.

DeFrancesch supported, and campaigned for, Yenni’s plan to double property taxes (as did Zahn), but, when Yenni realized the plan would falter, he, DeFrancesch and Zahn pivoted proclaiming that they “were just giving the people of Kenner the opportunity to vote on the plan”.

Sadly, they didn’t give US an opportunity to vote on taking on the largest debt in Kenner’s history, which DeFrancesch also approved.

In fact, also like Zahn, I’m hard pressed to come up with anything Maria has done in 10 years for Kenner.

In the height of irony, DeFrancesch proclaimed that she “Was Not Part of the Political Machine” in Kenner. Not now perhaps, since they squeezed you for every vote they could and now have spit you out  like a bad piece of food.

Before Zahn entered the race, and she was kicked off the island, DeFrancesch was a charter member of the Yenni Cabal. In fact, I can’t think of one time that Maria EVER voted against Yenni. Even for something small.

Continuing the irony. DeFrancesch committed mail fraud last week when she sent out a direct mail piece claiming that she would put an end to “No-Bid Contracts”.

If you’ve paid attention to Kenner politics, I have long railed against No-Bid Contracts and have spoken out against them here on this blog, in the media and at Kenner City Council meetings. At every Council meeting where I would discuss my disdain for No-Bid Contracts and seek for the Council to not approve them, the chief defender of No-Bid Contracts was – wait for it – Maria DeFrancesch.

During one such exchange at a council meeting, DeFrancesch even held up pieces of paper claiming that State and Federal law banned Kenner from putting out certain contracts for bid. She wasn’t aware however, that I had the same pieces of paper that showed the Federal law didn’t apply to Cities and the State law only applied to a limited amount of contracts.

In other words, like her promise that Kohl’s (and, later, Belk’s) would soon be in Kenner, Maria was trying to get over on the people of Kenner.

She’s still trying to get over on us.

DeFrancesch was endorsed by The Alliance for “Good Government” and actually was The Alliance’s Legislator of the Year once.

The Alliance’s blessing alone is a reason to disqualify her.

Keith Reynaud – “The People’s Choice” coming in at a projected 7% of the vote, District 3 Councilman Keith Reynaud is also running for Mayor although, since I think he’s seen the writing on the wall, is not spending anywhere close to the amounts spent by other candidates (with the exception of Al Morella whose largest, and probably only, campaign expense was his qualifying fee).

I have no idea why Reynaud is running other than to feed his massive ego.

It’s that massive ego that won’t let Reynaud quit.

Perhaps he will see the light on November 9th.

While he worked stridently to defeat Yenni’s plan to double Kenner’s property taxes, Reynaud soon turned after he was elected to the Council and became a loyal Yenni vote. Like DeFrancesch, Reynaud supported Yenni’s 2030 Plan, saddling Kenner with Millions in debt.

But, at least Reynaud’s district got a new intersection and a bike path.

Not exactly 30 pieces of silver but, when you sell your soul (and vote) to the Devil, every man’s price is different.

Al Morella – As I’ve mentioned in the past, I think Al Morella is a great guy. He’s passionate. He cares about Kenner. The problem is that he’s not qualified to run an entity as big as Kenner.

Kenner, Jefferson Parish, and everywhere else needs more folks like Al Morella. Just not as Mayor.

Gregory Carroll – Like DeFrancesch and Reynaud, Carroll is currently a Kenner City Councilman. Unlike those two (and you can throw Zahn into the pool too), Carroll has consistently stood up for what is in the best interest of Kenner and the people of District 1.

Even when we have disagreed, Councilman Carroll has listened to opposing points of view.

Carroll fought against Yenni’s plan to double property taxes; fought Yenni’s plan to close playgrounds; stood up to stop Yenni from selling streets to the Levee Authority which would have limited access to historic cemetaries; and stood up for his constituents regarding the rezoning and return to commerce of Airport buyout property.

Carroll constantly holds community meetings when issues arise to ensure that the people of his District are heard and that they learn and are aware of issues and their impact.

Carroll is the only Democrat in the Mayoral race.

The bottomline is, in the race to become Kenner’s next Mayor, the candidate with the most integrity; the candidate that has consistently represented and advocated for his constituents and the people of Kenner; the candidate that is the most fiscally Conservative and not beholden to the special interests that have dragged Kenner into the muck; and the candidate that I believe is best positioned to lead our city forward is the same person.

So, for the first time in my life I will be casting my vote for a Democrat in a major election and I’m proud to say that man is Greg Carroll.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dominick Impastato Wants Everyone To Be “Fair”

In 2010, when Mike Yenni was elected Mayor of Kenner, I was hopeful, even optimistic.

Sure, I heard the rumors about Yenni’s homosexual antics, but I didn’t care about that. What two consenting adults do sexually is not my business.

Even Yenni’s relationship to Aaron Broussard, 4 years “working” as Kenner CAO under Ed Muniz, and the fact that he changed his name for political purposes, while all were troubling, were put aside.

Kenner had a new Mayor with some (hopefully) new ideas that would change Kenner for the better.

At least that’s what I hoped.

But, as I’ve often said since his 2010 election, nothing about Mike Yenni is ever what it seems.

As you know it wasn’t long before Yenni came up with his scheme to double property taxes in Kenner, grow government and cut services.

The Yenni Administration became nothing more than a giant cash cow for campaign contributors.

Once Yenni maxed out Kenner’s credit line and bled Kenner dry, he conveniently split for JP.

In 2014, when Dominick Impastato won the District 5 Kenner City Council seat against former Mayor Phil Capitano, I had a similar hopefulness.

While I didn’t support Impastato (how could I with Yenni making him part of the “Consensus Team” and Impastato’s relationship with Greg Buisson), I still thought, “Here’s a young guy that might bring some new ideas and vision to Kenner.”

Yeah, I know. I was wrong again.

I should have realized that, since Impastato owed his political career to Yenni that he would amount to nothing more than another of Yenni’s Acolytes.

As I wrote the other day, Impastato is now so delusional that he actually claimed to owe Yenni “nothing”.

Yes Dominick, you campaigned hard but you would not be sitting in that Council seat were it not for Yenni and Buisson.

By the way, did you notice that the Kenner City Council just spent over $7,000 for new Council chairs?  I guess that they gotta make sure they are comfortable for the 1-2 hours twice a month that they sit there approving no-bid contracts.

At the last Council meeting, in addition to Impastato “If the shoe fits” back and forth with Al Morella, Impastato made another curious statement.

While discussing the resolution requesting that Yenni resign, Impastato said that he wanted to make sure that future Councils were fair in passing judgement because past Council’s had not been fair in chastising elected officials in similar circumstances.

Excuse me?

There has never been a “similar” situation like Mike Yenni’s sextingcapade.

But, in the interest of “fairness”, because, after all, I am all about “fairness”, I wanted to make the following solemn pledge to Impastato, residents of Kenner and Jefferson Parish, and readers everywhere.

Whenever there is a Kenner Mayor, a Jefferson Parish President, or any elected official who:

-          Trolls high schools seeking introductions to teenagers for the purposes of having a sexual relationship with them;

-          Sexts a teenager;

-          Meets a teenager in a mall and kisses them in a public restroom;

-          Suggests to s minot a threesome with two teenagers;

-          Suggests driving a minor across stateliness to have sex;

-          And suggests that he could arrange for a government job for his teenage sex partner so the two could be in close proximity without drawing suspicion

I solemnly pledge that I will call for that elected official to resign.

Now, does that make you happy Dominick?