Saturday, June 23, 2012

Howland To KPD Rumors Become Reality

ClickJefferson has confirmed that former City of Kenner Community Services Director, former Assistant Purchasing Director, almost former 2-time Assistant Clerk of Court, and loser in the recent District 3 Kenner City Council race Mary-Sharon Howland will be given a to-be-determined position in the Kenner Police Department.

Ms. Howland was rumored to be returning to Kenner City Government as the Assistant Clerk of Court after her failed Council bid, which was heavily supported by Mayor Mike Yenni, Police Chief Steve Caraway and JP Councilman Ben Zahn.

Now ClickJefferson has learned that Howland will be moving to the KPD and a KPD employee will move to the Assistant Clerk of Court slot. It is unknown what Howland's position will be or her qualifications for the new position. The swap is designed to not impact the KPD personnel budget.

The KPD position that Howland will be taking has not been advertised.