Friday, January 4, 2013

Indian Women Beat Politician Accused Of Rape

So, you think you're having a bad day? Be happy that you're not Indian politician Bikram Singh Brahma.

Brahma is accused of "seducing and subsequently raping" a married woman. It's unclear whether Brahma actually "raped" the woman or whether the relationship was consensual. Brahma is reported to have been sexual with the woman for sometime and allegedly strung her along by making her promises of a high position in government. Certainly not the first time that a politician has lied or used his position to get into another position with a woman. Here in Louisiana, they make movies about our politicians and their philandering ways and soon we'll have a new "reality" show starring former Governor Edwin Edwards and his less than 1/2 his age 3rd wife.

What is unusual about this case in India is that the public actually took the law into their own hands. Women are caught on camera beating Brahma, while men in this village just looked on. The women also ripped off Brahma's shirt in an attempt to shame him.

Here's a link to the story on GlobalPost and a video:

Do you think that we in America could learn something from this story? Perhaps we could walk up and punch our elected officials when we know they are lying to us? It doesn't need to be hard or draw blood - just enough to bruise or leave a mark and let them know that we know they're lying.

Of course, the humiliation of being bruised might make some politicians get out of office but, maybe that's exactly what we need right about now.

I've got my video camera. Who wants to punch a politician?