Monday, November 4, 2013

Landrieu Finally Admits Obama’s Broken Promises

Months after proclaiming that she would vote for ObamaCare all over again if she could, Senator Mary Landrieu is now backtracking and stating that President Obama’s repeated promise that no one would lose their health care insurance needs to be honored.

Recently, millions of Americans have been notified by their existing insurance companies that their policies will be cancelled since they don’t include all of the different coverages mandated by ObamaCare.

"The promise was made and it should be kept. And it was our understanding when we voted for that bill that people, when they have insurance, could keep what they had," said Landrieu. “So I'm going to be working on that fix."

Landrieu is sponsoring legislation that will allow people to keep their current health insurance plans, even if they don’t meet all of the standards of the new plans available through ObamaCare.

Last week, in an interview with The Weekly Standard, Landrieu claimed that she and other Democrats “had only promised that Americans could keep their insurance if it was ‘good insurance’.”

The Senator did not define what “good insurance” is. 

Friday, on "The Kelly File" on Fox News, host Megyn Kelly launched a blistering attack on Landrieu for her defense of ObamaCare despite the news of policy cancellations across the country. 

Landrieu also had another ObamaCare flip-flop when she, along with 9 other Democratic Senators up for re-election next year, sent a letter to the President asking him to delay the implementation of the individual mandate until after the November 2014 election.