Monday, January 6, 2014

Do We Really Need 40,000 New Laws?

Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.
- Edmund Burke, 1780

Fox News is estimating that, on January 1st, 40,000 new laws took effect.

As you probably already know if you read this blog even semi-regularly, I am a firm believer in less government. In fact, nothing would make me happier than if government provided the basic services and got out of my (and your) way.

Even with 40,000 new laws, I do think that there should be 1 more new law. My new law would mandate that, for any government body that imposes a new law, they should also repeal at least 10 laws.

Now, if they want to repeal more than 10, I’m perfectly fine with that but they must repeal at least 10.

Then, and only then, would we see how many of these new laws are absolutely necessary to the future of the proposing governing body.

If you have 10,000 regulations, you destroy all respect for the law.
- Winston Churchill

Of the 40,000 new laws, here are some of my favorites:

…In Colorado, 16-year-olds are now able to pre-register to vote. Of course, they can’t really vote until they’re 18.

…In Oregon, new mothers can now leave the hospital and take their placenta home with them. Some scientists say that ingesting the placenta has health benefits. Who knew?

…In Illinois and Texas, don’t think about using a tanning salon is you’re under 18. No word on if those states also ban spray- on tans for under 18-year-olds.

…Also in Illinois, police officers must now undergo training on the psychological and physiological effects of stun guns. Don’t tase me, man – unless, of course, you’ve had a class.

…In Illinois, police must now get a warrant to use a drone for surveillance. Personally, since I’m firmly convinced that is secretly in cahoots with the NSA, I think we need this law everywhere.

…Illinois also prohibits drones from interfering with hunters or fisherman. It seems that PETA wanted to use drones to monitor hunters. If PETA ever tried that in Louisiana there would be a lot of dogs coming back to their masters with drones in their mouths.

…In Delaware, it is now illegal to sell, distribute or possess Shark Fins. So much for the new Food TV network show, “Iron Chef Delaware”.

…Oregon has now banned “horse-tripping”.

…Oregon also increased the minimum wage by $.15 to $9.10 an hour. So much for income equality.  The increase amounts to $6 per week or about a McDonald’s medium Quarter-Pounder Meal.

…Trying to keep pace with their neighbor to the North, California also increased the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour (and going up to $10 per hour in 2016!).

…Oregon also banned smoking in cars if there are children present. If you put your kids in the trunk, you are still free to light up.

…And speaking of “lighting up”, marijuana is now legal in Colorado. No word on if former LSU defensive back Tyrann Mathieu is requesting a trade from the Arizona Cardinals to the Denver Broncos.

Where you find the laws most numerous, there you will also find the greatest injustice.
- Arcesilaus

With 40,000 new laws, under my rule that would mean the repeal of at least 400,000 old laws.

I'd say that would be a pretty good start.