Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oops…I Stand Corrected – Yenni Actually Wants a $35,000 Raise!

In my post yesterday regarding the 6 Proposed Charter Changes that will undoubtedly be approved to be placed on the November 4th, 2014 ballot by the Kenner City Council at Thursday’s meeting, I incorrectly used the wrong figure regarding the salary of Judges in the 24th JDC.

Proposed Charter Change #3 would tie the salaries of Kenner’s elected officials to the salaries of Judges in the 24th JDC and pay them a percentage of the Judge’s salary.

In my post, I used the figure of $125,000 annually for Judges in the 24th JDC.

As noted by Nola.com’s Ben Myers, the actual figure is $143,253, meaning that the actual salary increases are significantly higher than I had posted.

Under the new figure, which is adjusted annually by the State Legislature, Mayor Yenni’s salary would increase from $72,500 to $107,440 – a whopping 48% increase or almost $35,000 in real dollars.

Similarly, the Police Chief’s salary would increase to $100,277; the 2 At-Large Councilmen would see increases from about $26,000 to $35,813 (plus an additional 2% for the Council President and 1% for the Council Vice-President AND an additional $6,000 in an auto allowance); and the District Councilmen would see increases from $20,637 to $28,650 (plus the aforementioned $6,000 auto allowance).

Under a state law last year pushed by Kenner State Senator Danny Martiny, judges will also receive salary increases in each of the next 3 years – meaning Kenner elected officials will as well.  

Now, tell the truth – wouldn’t you like a 48% salary increase?

If I would have known that I might have knocked on a few more doors hustling votes…

If I only would have gotten that Times-Picayune endorsement...