Friday, May 9, 2014

Sen. Vitter Chimes In On Phil’s Grill/NFL Tiff: “Come on – really?”

Last week, wrote about the NFL and their attempt to stop local Restaurateur Phil de Gruy’s Phil’s Grill chain from holding their annual “Burger Bowl” and giving out the “Lom-Burger Trophy”.

Despite de Gruy’s filing for a trademark for the names and depictions, which are used as part of a charity event, NFL attorneys claimed that the “Lom-Burger Trophy” and the “Lombardi Trophy”, given to the Super Bowl champion, could be confusing.

Now, Louisiana Senator David Vitter (R-Metairie) is weighing in.

In a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell, Vittter said the NFL is being ridiculous.

"Come on – really? The entire Burger Bowl contest is obviously done in good fun at Phil's Grill. It's a celebration of your sport and not a 'dilution of our famous mark' or case of trademark infringement, as your lawyer heavies suggest,” Vitter wrote.

Vitter also sent the Commissioner some of Phil’s commemorative "Burger Bowl" T-shirts featuring the tag line “Support Team Gleason” on the back.

As we wrote about last week and discussed on WRNO 99.5fm’s John Osterlind Show, the money raised goes to a charity; last year it went to former Saint Steve Gleason’s Gleason Foundation, and Phil’s is not profiting from the “Burger Bowl”.

In a show of solidarity, Senator Vitter will be at the Phil’s Grill Camp Street location in New Orleans at 12:40pm today to eat one of Phil’s great burgers.

The NFL has requested, and received, an extension on their objection to Phil’s trademarks until July 2nd.