Friday, June 9, 2017

Zahn’s Political Appointees Sue City Over 2012 Charter Change

After reports that City of Kenner political appointees were coerced into helping political candidates that they did not support in order to keep their jobs, the Kenner City Council passed an ordinance in 2011 to bar political appointees, many of whom are the most-highest paid employees in City government, from publicly taking part in political activity.

The logic behind the ordinance was valid: political appointees, while appointed by the Mayor, work for all of the city and should not be forced to campaign in order to keep receiving a paycheck. In addition, it is unfair for a non-incumbent if, for example, the Code Enforcement Director is out soliciting businesses for sign locations. What business owner would say “No” to the Code Enforcement Director? What reprisals could there be if a business owner didn’t allow the Public Works Director to put a political sign in front of their home or business?

The Council ordinance was promptly vetoed by then-Mayor Mike Yenni, himself a beneficiary of political appointees involvement in political activity. For years, the Buisson Machine has stacked organizations like The Alliance for Good Government and other faux endorsement groups with political appointees who pushed for the groups to endorse their favored candidates.

The next year, in 2012, the voters of Kenner approved a change to the city charter that mirrored the Council’s vetoed ordinance. The charter change was approved by a 70-30% margin.

Now, several of Lyin’ Ben’s political appointees, including many political operatives, have filed a Federal lawsuit challenging the restriction on political activity.

These employees are appointed regardless of their background and experience (or lack thereof) and aren’t subjected to the typical employment screening and testing that other city employees required. These employees are put in charge of Millions of tax dollars and dozens or more city employees whether they are qualified or not, simply because they support the person in power, Lyin’ Ben Zahn.

The employees claim that the charter change infringes on their 1st Amendment rights, among other things.

The lawsuit also mentions that the political appointees want to be empowered to support their candidate of choosing (Zahn) in the 2018 election. They must be concerned that Lyin’ Ben will be facing a challenger next year. 

The bottom line is, these employees want to secure their future paychecks and want to openly campaign for their preferred candidate, the man who appointed them, Lyin’ Ben Zahn.

Instead of concentrating on working for the people of Kenner (who ultimately pay their bills), these employees want to thumb their noses at the voters of Kenner who overwhelmingly understood that their political activity was abused and abusive.

These political appointees have clearly forgotten that they work for ALL of the people of Kenner not just the political elite.