Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No, You Can’t Buy An “I’m A Communist” License Plate In Louisiana - Yet

The House Transportation Committee defeated a bill by Houma State Rep. Lenar Whitney (R) that would have created new vanity license plates proclaiming that you are a member of the Republican or Democratic Parties.

“It’s just political support for your political party,” Whitney said.
Several committee members disagreed.

“You realize if you do this then the Socialists have a right to come here and ask for that? If we approve this then they can have the same standing. So could the Communist Party and the Islamic Party. That’s the problem that this thing can open, do you realize that?” Rep. Sam Jones (D-Franklin) said.
“I don’t know that this bill would open, ‘I’m a Communist’,” Whitney said. “I’m not asking for that license plate.”

The bill failed by a 7-8 vote.
The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles says the state already has 214 vanity license plates in circulation