Friday, January 15, 2016

Mystery Surrounding Kriss Fairbairn’s Abrupt JP Gov Departure Solved

Ok, it’s confession time: I’m a TV news junkie.

Although it’s been years since I was involved in the day-to-day operations of a TV Station, I still love TV news – particularly local TV news.

When I travel, I take a special interest in Local TV news, anchors, reporters, styles. I don’t really care about the content as much (since I don’t live there) as I am with the style of the newscast.

In New Orleans, each of the 4 network affiliates has their own particular news style and that’s great – if you’re like me (although that is not very likely).

My second confession today is that I always liked Kriss Fairbairn when she was on WDSU.

Kriss had an easy, comfortable style of anchoring. She was a consummate professional on-air.

While we don’t socialize or travel in the same circles, I respected Kriss. She did a great job; was entrenched in New Orleans; and had a great, upstanding husband, JPSO Col. John Fortunato (although he does work for one of the biggest asses in JP – Sheriff Newell Normand – I won’t hold that against him).

I was disappointed when Kriss left WDSU but glad that she later accepted a position with John Young as JP’s Public Information Officer.

Kriss was widely respected within JP Government and she brought a skillset to the PIO position that JP had not seen.

Even though, in December, Yenni publicly stated that Fairbairn was staying in JP government, I was a bit surprised when I heard that but it made sense – Young lost his bid to become Lt. Governor.

Didn’t know how long Kriss would last before she became completely frustrated working with someone like Yenni who can’t spell the word ‘integrity’ let alone define it.

So, it was curious and unexpected when The Advocate reported that Kriss would be leaving the Yenni Adminstration almost before it started to join incoming Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser’s staff.

Yenni was sworn in last Wednesday and Fairbairn resigned on Friday.

According to The Advocate, Fairbairn said, “I was looking forward to working with Mike Yenni when this opportunity came along, and I am excited about taking my public service to the next level and serving the citizens of this state.”

Sounds plausible right?

But, is that the whole story?

As I’ve told you repeatedly, with Mike Yenni, nothing is ever what it seems.

And, if Yenni is involved, the nefarious Greg Buisson cannot be far behind.

Multiple sources have confirmed that a meeting took place involving Buisson, Yenni’s campaign manager, and Fairbairn where Buisson said something to the effect that “I’m going to like being your boss.”

As Buisson is not a member of JP government, he should not be involved at that or any level with a Department Head nor should he characterize himself in that way.

After reflecting on that prospect, Fairbairn wrote her resignation letter.

Good luck Kriss. I'm sure you will find working with Billy Nungesser a lot more palatable than working under Mike Yenni, I mean, Greg Buisson. 

To quote the late Paul Harvey, “And now you know…the rest of the story.”