Thursday, January 14, 2016

Who (Besides Me, Of Course) Did Not Attend Mike Yenni's Inauguration?

Amid all the discord regarding the petty issues of who's name would be where and who would speak when at last Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony for Jefferson Parish elected officials, one elected official was curiously not present - Assessor Tom Capella.

Capella, who strongly supported Yenni's chief challenger, former JP Councilman Elton Lagasse, was the only JP elected official to not attend the ceremony. Instead, Capella opted to take the oath of office in his office and boycott the ceremony.

Arguably the third most powerful Parishwide elected official, Capella was rumored to be a candidate for Parish President after Aaron Broussard's resignation. After longtime JP Assessor Lawrence Chehardy decided to leave office, Capella opted for the Assessor position instead of campaigning against then fellow Councilman-At-Large John Young.

Young served the remainder of Broussard's term and was re-elected. Rather than seeking another full-term, Young opted to seek the position of Lt. Governor, finishing third in a runoff. Young's candidacy created the vacancy filled by Yenni.

Yenni, who called for unity with the Parish Council, had his feathers ruffled when the JP Council did not agree to Yenni's request to speak last at the ceremony and he also complained about the placement of his name on invitations to the event.

Yenni went so far as to have his own invitations printed with his name in larger type than the other officials also being sworn in at the ceremony.

He was also upset that the Parish Council did not immediately affirm his appointees at a meeting following the swearing-in ceremony. 

Isn't unity wonderful? 

As long as my name is bigger than yours on the invitations.