Friday, September 23, 2016

Greg Carroll Makes His Move

The last in our series of Kenner Mayoral candidate profiles.

Kenner District 1 Councilman Gregory Carroll is an interesting guy.

A lifelong resident of District 1, the soft-spoken Carroll has an inate ability to rally his constituents on issues that will impact them.

While other elected officials hold sporadic community meetings, if at all, and struggle for attendance, Carroll can easily fill a room. He has frequent formal and informal meetings with his constituents, listens to their concerns, and fights for them.

He doesn’t let partisan politics or campaign contributors dictate how he serves his district.

While I am not a resident of District 1, I have attended several community meetings held by Carroll. I have seen firsthand his ability to command a room, his ability to listen to residents concerns, and then vote and act accordingly.

When Mike Yenni wanted to close playgrounds that impacted the residents of his district, Carroll rallied his constituents and successfully fought the playground closures.

When Yenni wanted to sell streets to the Levee Authority that would restrict access to historic cemetaries, Carroll again successfully rallied the troops, went before the Levee Authority, made his case and limited te Levee Authority’s impact on his constituents.

When residents voiced their concerns regarding Yenni’s plan to sell airport buyout property, Carroll held several community meetings and ensured that his constituents were heard.

The Most Conservative Member of the City Council

As the only Democrat on the 7 person Kenner City Council, and the only Democratic Mayoral candidate, Carroll is easily the most fiscally Conservative member of either group.

Carroll was against Yenni’s plan to double property taxes. He was also against Yenni’s 2030 Plan, not the concept of beautifying Kenner, but against the significant debt that was incurred and some of the projects involved.

Councilman Carroll has worked with our youth on Kenner playgrounds. He understands the vital role that Recreation plays in our community.

He has worked diligently to provide funding for badly needed police and fire equipment.

Honesty, Integrity, Responsiveness, Vision

Those are some of the primary character traits I look for in an elected official and on these Greg Carroll excels.

When discussing issues, even when we’ve disagreed, and we have disagreed, Councilman Carroll has always been honest and straightforward. He has listened to my, and other, opinions. When his position and mine were different, he has told me why he feels his position is better for the City of Kenner or his district. I have never been surprised by Councilman Carroll’s vote on an issue and I feel he has always voted for what is right for his district and the city..

As I mentined, while I am not in his district, I do have some pretty strong opinions on issues. When I’ve called, texted or emailed Councilman Carroll, he has always promptly replied. The same cannot be said for thie other elected officials seeking the Mayor slot.

Councilman Carroll wants a better Kenner. He doesn’t feel entitled to be Mayor and he’s not out to personally enrich himself or feed his ego. Again, the same cannot be said of the other elected officials seeking the Mayor slot.