Friday, September 30, 2016

WWL-TV to Mike Yenni: “You’re Out”

WWL-TV has confirmed what many in Kenner have long whispered about: former Kenner Mayor and current Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni has had several illicit relationships with men, including sexting, propositioning and kissing a 17-year-old high school boy.

In 2009 and 2010, Yenni, then Kenner’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), sent sexual text messages on a City-reimbursed cell phone account tied to City of Kenner servers, to at least 8 males. Yenni was elected Kenner Mayor in 2010 and later married that same year. He and his wife have a 3-year-old daughter.

The emails were copied off the city server and given to a-then political opponent of Yenni, former Mayor and Jefferson Parish Councilman Louis Congemi. Congemi endorsed Yenni in his 2014 reelection and was defeated in his bid for Jefferson Parish Council-At-Large in 2015, losing to incumbent Chris Roberts.

It was alleged that Yenni was the target of attempted extortion. The FBI investigated but no charges were filed.

Now the FBI is investigating Yenni over an alleged inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old during the Summer of 2015.

Yenni was introduced to the teen by another, older teen after Yenni saw the boy at a high school function.

Yenni sent the boy several explicit text messages suggesting the two have sex together and with the older teen.

In addition, Yenni met the boy at his job in a mall food court. Yenni bought the boy designer underwear and went with the boy into a public restroom where the two kissed.

The boy broke off the relationship when he became uncomfortable with Yenni’s text messages and the two did not have sex. In Louisiana, the age of sexual consent is 17. However, since Yenni sent text messages, the FBI is investigating if Yenni broke Federal law regarding using telecommunications in explicit messages to someone under 18-years-old.

It is particularly troubling that, in a message, Yenni suggested that the teen become one of Yenni’s Assistants or Secretaries so the boy could be with Yenni and not arouse suspicion.

Rumors of Yenni’s sexual proclivities appeared to die down after his marriage. It was just a temporary respite however and even more rumors of explicit text and email messages, clandestine meetings in New Orleans, and even photos of Yenni  were mentioned.

When I ran against Yenni in 2014, many wanted me to use Yenni’s sexual antics against him.  I refused.

To be honest, I could care less who Mike Yenni sleeps with. That is, if they are consenting adults. I don’t care if he’s gay, bisexual, or likes dressing up in clown clothes (although I would object to him wearing his Navy Reserve uniform – an enlistment that was also a farce). But, whatever Mike Yenni is (and whatever he wears while trying to impress his sexual partners) just be honest about it.

Oh, and keep it between adults.

What I did object to was the hypocrisy of Mike Yenni continuing to trot out his wife and child for political purposes. As I’ve mentioned many times, Mike Yenni’s entire life has been contrived. He is not, and has not been, what he appears to portray.

Anc, while the media has known everything that I, and others have known for years, they failed to disclose it or chose to ignore the carefully crafted Yenni façade.

The media, particularly the Times-Picayune/, continued to feed the public the image of Mike Yenni – Mr. Family Values. All the while, the TP knew it was a lie.

Months before his 2014 reelection, Yenni trotted out his wife and baby for Thanksgiving and Christmas video messages on

When I asked an Editor for, he said he thought it was proper and appropriate to give Yenni the platform to promote himself and Yenni’s contrived image,

The Times-Picayune/ and the electronic media did a disservice to the people of Kenner and Jefferson Parish by not investigating the rumors and exposing Mike Yenni for the sexual predator that he is sooner.

How many other children has Mike Yenni propositioned? How many people has he used his elected or appointed positions ro coerce? How many other job offers has Mike Yenni made in exchange for sexual favors with adults or minors?

In addition to the “Family Values” hypocrisy, I am also troubled by Yenni choosing high school functions to scope out his next sexual conquests.

A 40-year-old married man seeking introductions to high school boys and suggesting sexual relations between them, is a sexual predator. If it were any other man, the media would already be calling Yenni that.

If you are a Jefferson Parish resident, how does it make you feel that your Parish President is a sexual predator?

Again, if this were any other man, he would have already been fired from his job and potentially charged and arrested and, if Mike Yenni actually cared about Jefferson Parish he would have already resigned.

It is ironic that when I ran against Yenni in 2014, one of the few groups that actually endorsed me was the LGBT community. Perhaps Yenni tried too hard to appear straight or the group preferred my answers on Gay Adoption to Yenni’s otherwise why would they endorse a straight guy over one of their own.

For the record, as someone that was adopted himself, I know there are many children in foster homes or waiting to be adopted. If two consenting adults feel that they can provide the love, support and nurturing that a child needs, it doesn’t matter to me what sex they are = adopting and loving a child is a wonderful thing.

As for Mike Yenni, he doesn’t deserve our support or even our pity. Mike Yenni is a sexual predator who used his positions and city resources to lead a double life and attempt to have sexual relations with children who aren’t even old enough to vote.

The evidence is out there and the FBI needs to move forward with charges and the media needs to stop sweeping this under the rug. Thankfully, David Hammer and WWL-TV mustered the courage to expose the fraud Yenni has perpetrated on the people of Kenner and Jefferson Parish.
Yenni  needs to resign or be removed from office. Sexual predators should appear on postcards when they move into a neighborhood not be representing Jefferson Parish.


  1. Dear Walt,

    Thank you for your blog ! I agree with most all that you have ever written regarding parish waist fraud and abuse.

    I can also personally appreciate your courage in continuing your efforts for good government and exposing the rampant cronyism in our parish although this being the first time that I have commented on your blog.

    Obviously the recent public allegations about Mike Yenni have been rumored for sometime dating back to 2010.

    So why is the FBI now interested while other more serious fraud is over looked ie.. Thompson Thibodeaux and/or "quid pro quos" in the form of campaign contributions for no-bid professional services contracts, false sworn affidavits by parish attorney that the resolutions comply to parish,state and Federal law accompanying those contracts, parish section 8 vendor who refuses to sign non-payment affidavit for their illegal 15 year evergreen contract.

    In April 2016 a no-bid legal representation contract was ratified by the council for legal representation of EJGH.

    The contract was awarded coinciding with $17500 in campaign contributions by the vendor paid to all but two councilman during the legal services selection?

    Then there is the un-licensed EJGH Hill-Rom contract award with the lowest responsible bidder Executone filed suit after the parish OIG complaint was unresolved which violated parish state and Federal procurement laws?

    We will know in the near future if this was a politically motivated attack if the outcome is no Department of Justice charges, as I strongly suspect, being part of the Chris Roberts, Greg Buisson, Mike Yenni feud.

    Unless you would like to believe the FBI leaks are internal and not external as only the complainant and FBI would know?

    What I find interesting is during this time Gretna police officer Ronald Black (Gretna court house security) was accused of child molestation of a minor under 12 years old but not arrested and supposedly placed on leave without pay.

    However officer Black returned to full paid duty in 2015 after he obtained a no true bill from a Plaquemines Grand Jury only to be re-arrested a year later in 2015 for intenet child pornogphy of a six year old being raped.

    Officer Black has remained free on bond for 14 months on leave without pay from Gretna police department.

    Since officer Blacks arrest he has suddenly manifested several medical problems that has gone unchallenged by the court which I'm sure is motivated by what should be a 20 year state mandatory sentence for the internet child pornography of a child under 12.

    On last months court date officer Black was a no-show claiming to have had a stroke. His case is no closer to trail than his initial arrest and astonishingly no word on additional charges levied by the district attorney regarding the previous 2014 Grand Jury case?

    At 60 years old and a 10 year veteran of the Gretna Police Mr. Black didn't suddenly wake up one morning to discover he is a pedifile.

    But of course officer Blacks leadership at Gretna Police have their own unaddressed issues of misconduct that you would think the FBI with a limited budjet would be more interested to investigate than Mike Yenni's sexting case?

    There are certain things at this time I am not at the liberty to speak about however I can say this.

    "There is way more scandal yet to unfold in Jefferson Parish both regarding politicians and political hacks that have wallowed in the public trough for many years.

    Lastly I agree with you about Al Moral he's got a great heart and no one can doubt his sincerity and honesty he lays it all out there.

  2. Yenni is a nasty closeted homosexual. I'm sure he's had sexual encounters with DOZENS of teenage boys. Get this man OUT of office. He acts like he's concerned with family values yet is kissing BOYS is mall bathrooms. #ThrowUp

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