Friday, November 18, 2016

The Delusional Mind of Mike Yenni

If you are a fan of “The Young and the Restless”: (and, I’m not ashamed to admit that I am), yu know all about the infamous psychiatric hospital called “Fairview”. For a relatively small town like the fictional Genoa City, Wisconsin, they seem to have quite a few mental hospitals nearby.  

Perhaps they are eating too much expired cheese.

If that is the case, and old cheese really does impact your cognitive resources, Mike Yenni must be consuming old cheese by the truckload.

Since I am relatively sane (I think I am anyway – at least that’s what the voices inside my head tell me), I don’t know what Jefferson Parish’s equivalent of Fairview is.

If we have one, Mike Yenni’s JPSO driver needs to drop him off ASAP.

Yenni continues to prove that he has lost touch with reality.

Jefferson Parish’s Sexual Predator-in-Chief continues his stalling tactics while awaiting an inevitable recall that will kick him to the curb like a pair of old designer underwear.

Yenni claims that he wants to do his job, the one that the misguided voters of Jefferson Parish (who, in their defense, were unaware that Yenni was trolling schools to have sex with underage boys), elected him to do.

The problem is, Yenni CAN’T do his job.

Yenni campaigned for Parish President under the guise of improving public education (which the Parish President has no control over) and economic development.

Yenni even named a former Jefferson Parish School Superintendent as one of his top deputies.

Since those two issues polled well, the Minister of Propaganda, Greg Buisson, crafted a narrative that helped Yenni win.

Since his sexting affair was exposed, Yenni has been banned from Catholic Schools and Public Schools in Jefferson Parish.

Yenni can’t attend school events, congratulate students or student athletes or speak at commencement ceremonies.

Yenni was even asked to not attend functions at his alma mater, Jesuit High School.

He called the school banning “Outlandish”.

So much for improving education.

This week, Yenni was uninvited from the Jefferson Chamber’s State of the Parish Address.

The Chamber has been a huge Yenni supporter throughout his political career.

I wonder how their Board feels now knowing that they endorsed, supported and furthered the career of a Sexual Predator?

The State of the Parish Address has always been given by the Parish President and the Parish Council Chairman.

Until this year.

This Address featured Yenni’s top aide, Keith Conley. Yenni made a brief appearance at the luncheon and then sped out claiming that he needed to attend another meeting.

Before he left, Yenni told reporters that Conley’s substitution had been in the works for months and that Yenni had told the Chamber that he wanted to move the Address to January or February.

“We have big news coming in November and December”, Yenni said, claiming that the Address should reflect a full year of his Parish Presidency.

None of that is true.

If Yenni really wanted to move the Address, I’m relatively certain that the Chamber would have accommodated him. The Kenner Business Association moved their State of the City Address when Yenni was Mayor from the traditional November to the Spring to coincide with Yenni’s reelection campaign. BTW, the State of the City Address is back in November this year and will be given by the ethically-challenged Acting Mayor Mike Sigur.

As I said, the Chamber probably would have moved the event had Yenni asked.

Of course, that was before they learned that Yenni was a Sexual Predator.

If  the local business community that has always backed you now wants nothing to do with you, what makes Mike Yenni think that any CEO thinking of moving his business to Jefferson Parish or expanding his business and creating jobs wants to stand at the same podium next to a Sexual Predator?

How can Yenni attract and recruit new businesses and jobs?

The short answer: He CAN’T.

 Another function of the Parish President is to communicate with the public and attend civic functions.

What civic association wants to have Mike Yenni as their Guest Speaker?

Whether the recall effort is successful or not (and I hope that it is), the fact remains that Yenni is on an island. He can’t speak to civic groups; he can’t attend school functions; he can’t provide economic development leadership to the parish.

This is a sad pattern for Yenni. Whenever he faces criticism he avoids the press and tries to do an end run around the will of the people.

After his plan to double property taxes was defeated by Kenner voters, Yenni decided on a new tactic – use an antiquated law to max out Kenner’s credit cards and take on the largest debt in Kenner’s history to provide more contracts for his campaign contributors. He wouldn’t allow the public to vote on the massive debt they were incurring.

All that mattered to Mike Yenni was Mike Yenni’s legacy.

That’s all that Mike Yenni still cares about: His legacy.

Yenni has lost the trust of the educational and business communities and, more imporatantly, the people of Jefferson Parish.

He can’t do his job.

By continuing to prolong the inevitable, the only thing Yenni can do is continue to be an embarrassment to Jefferson Parish residents.

Sadly, we’ve finally found something that Mike Yenni is actually good at.

That and living in his own delusional world.