Thursday, December 8, 2016

Lyin’ Ben Likes Spending Other People’s Money

At the end of every casino advertisement there’s a note saying “If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, call 1-800-I’m a Degenerate Gambler”.

Ok, so it doesn’t really say that but you know what I mean.

Political ads should have the same disclaimer except we already know what problems they have.

In the case of Jefferson Parish Councilman and Kenner Mayoral Candidate Ben Zahn he has two main problems: Zahn is a pathological liar and he has a spending problem – he likes spending other people’s money.

The “news” on that Zahn is outspending his runoff opponent, Kenner Councilman Gregory Carroll, by a 30-1 margin came as no surprise.

Ben is just following the Minister of Propaganda Greg Buisson’s playbook: raise hundreds of 
thousands from contractors; inundate the unsuspecting public with splashy mail pieces; put signs up everywhere (and have folks take down your opponent’s signs or intimidate businesses that have signs for your opponent); put out BS polls and spoon feed the media; get as many fake endorsements as possible; and discourage the public from supporting your opponent with your overwhelming signs, direct mail pieces, robocalls and lies.

Of course, Zahn, like most political candidates, doesn’t spend any of his own money so what does he care?

As long as he wins, Zahn can reward his campaign contributors with lucrative no-bid contracts.

Essentially, Zahn uses campaign contributor’s money to win and then pays them off with OUR money.

Over the past 10 years, Zahn has approved Hundreds of Millions of dollars in no-bid contracts for his campaign contributors.

Since Zahn has no “real” money himself, it’s a perfect scheme.

Mike Yenni, Aaron Broussard, and thousands of politicians through the years have followed the same scheme: get campaign contributions – hand out contracts to contributors.

Of course, to hear the Times-Picayune extoll the virtues of Zahn the “businessman” in their ridiculous endorsement of Zahn, you would think that Lyin’ Ben was Kenner’s version of Donald Trump (instead of Lyin’ Hillary).

Calling Zahn a “businessman” is an affront to anyone that has actually started or managed a business.

The T/P says that Zahn owns “Zahn’s Decorating”..


We all know that Zahn is, or was, an unlicensed florist who lived off his disabled Father’s florist license for years so, since that scheme has been exposed, Zahn started another business as a “Decorator”.

Can’t call himself a “florist” anymore so Lyin’ Ben is now a “Decorator”.

So, what exactly does it take to be a “Decorator”.

Nothing at all.

In fact, if you or I were so inclined, we could open up a “Decorating” business.

It really is that easy.

Of course, the T/P doesn’t tell you that nor do they tell you that Lyin’ Ben took over $50,000 from Aaron Broussard’s campaign account (again, other people’s money) for “flowers” or that Zahn, while unlicensed and a Kenner City Councilman, had a contract with Jefferson Parish to provide flowers for the Parish-owned Alario Center and a backdoor deal to provide flowers for events at the Pontchartrain Center (which was in Zahn’s Council district).

And, while it was extolling Lyin’ Ben’s business acumen and economic development abilities, did the T/P mention how many non-family members that Zahn’s Decorating employs?

Of course not.

Did the T/P divulge how many businesses and jobs that Zahn has recruited to Kenner during his tenure on the JP and Kenner Councils, or his connections to other business groups like Envision 2020 (we’re almost in 2017 so what exactly did Envision 2020 accomplish again?)?

The answer to those questions is the same as how many non-family jobs Zahn has created.

But, the T/P did mention that Lyin’ Ben is going to focus on Economic Development.

Of course, they said the same thing about our Sexual Predator-In-Chief, Mike Yenni.

Just as the T/P Editorial claimed that Zahn served two terms on the Kenner City Council (wrong again), Zahn continues to prove that the more times you tell a lie, the more people actually believe you.

BTW, for the T/P Editorial Board and those interested, Zahn was re-elected to the Kenner City Council in 2010 and quit on his constituents to hop to the JP Council in 2011, just as he was re-elected (without opposition) to the JP Council in 2015 and is quitting on his constituents yet again in his attempt to hop to Mayor.

Is it any wonder why the public doesn’t trust the mainstream media when the vaunted T/P Editorial Board can’t even get simple facts correct? Or were they trying to intentionally deceive us yet again?

So, the reality is that Zahn hasn’t served two terms at any elected position.

Must be nice spending other people’s money to move from job to job despite being woefully inadequate.

The fact is, Lyin’ Ben makes more money on the JP Council than he ever did as an unlicensed florist or as a “Decorator”.

When you add in the money Zahn skims from his campaign account (other people’s money) to pay for his meals, gifts and other items, and the money that Lyin’ Ben makes for supplying flowers to Mike Yenni’s prom dates, Lyin’ Ben is living the high life.

Sorry Ben, Mikey this year’s Prom scene, unless he goes incognito or hangs out in the Little Boy’s Room as he is known to do.

Over the past few months, whenever I’ve encountered a Ben Zahn supporter, I’ve asked them the same question:

“What specifically, besides try to double your property taxes, triple your sewerage fees, attempt to close playgrounds and approve the largest debt in Kenner’s history without voter approval has Ben Zahn ever done for Kenner?”

I have always been met with a blank stare.

“Well, uh, I’m sure he’s done something.
A clown does “something”.

So does a Sexual Predator, but we won’t go there (although the T/P Editorial Board also endorsed our Sexual Predator-In-Chief no less than 3 times).

In 2011, when I ran against Zahn for JP Council, Lawrence Chehardy did a robocall for Lyin’ Ben. Chehardy bashed me and said that Zahn was the “low taxes” and “small government” candidate.


So, answer this for me please.

In 5 years on the Kenner City Council and 5 years on the JP Council, please point ordinance where Zahn tried to lower your taxes or reduce the size of government.

I’ll save you the time because you can’t.

But, I digress. We were talking about Lyin’ Ben’s spending problem.

f you look through Zahn’s campaign finance report, you can see how much money Lyin’ Ben has spent from his campaign account (other people’s money) to finance his own lifestyle.

Thousands of dollars in expensive meals (allegedly with constituents although I don’t believe that Lyin’ Ben has any “constituents” in New Orleans or on the Northshore), gifts, giftcards, holiday meals, and more.

In fact, if you eliminate the money that Lyin’ Ben pays the Minister of Propaganda Buisson, he probably has spent more money on non-campaign items than on the elections themselves.

One other quick point to illustrate Lyin’ Ben’s spending problem.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Zahn sued me twice and lost.

He offered to settle his suit attempting to ban me from telling the truth about Zahn’s conflict of interest with the now-defunct Kenner Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

After the Attorneys worked out the details, there was one final detail that Zahn insisted on:

The money that he paid to settle the lawsuit had to be paid from – wait for it – his campaign account.

That’s right.

Even when Lyin’ Ben knew he was wrong he couldn’t man up and pay the bill himself, he paid it with other people’s money.

If you think there are too many lawsuits now how many do you think there would be if you could sue someone and use other people’s money like Lyin’ Ben to pay when you lose?

Let’s summarize: Lyin’ Ben uses other people’s money to hop from political job to political job; uses other people’s money to finance his lifestyle (c’mon Ben – buying your kids Slushies with other people’s money is rich even for pond scum like you); and when he sues people and loses, Lyin’ Ben uses other people’s money to settle the lawsuits.

For the record, I didn’t receive a penny or personally profit from the settlement. The last thing I wanted was money from Zahn’s campaign.

Besides, I can buy my own meals.

Isn’t it time that YOU made Lyin’ Ben pay for his own meals too?