Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Roberts Says Yenni Sexting Far From “Innocent”

In a note to his fellow JP Councilmembers, Council President Chris Roberts has called on the council to further investigate Yenni and his texts to a then 17-year-old boy.  

Roberts makes it clear in his memo that the texts are much more graphic than Yenni would like the public to believe.

“Additionally, I have been told by multiple sources that the text messages exchanged between the Parish President and the young man included solicitation to perform oral sex by the desire to place his tongue into the young man’s rectum. This to me is far more extreme than the portrayal to date that has been brushed off as innocent communication that went astray or simply were misunderstood.”

“I urge all of you,” Roberts continued, “to further investigate the content of the messages and determine for yourself whether this is how we want the face of our parish to be represented.”

To date, Yenni has simply called the texts “inappropriate”. He has not directly denied many of the allegations set forth by the boy including a proposed homosexual threesome involving Yenni, the boy and another 19-year-old male; Yenni’s suggestion that he and the boy cross state lines to engage in sex; Yenni’s pursuit of the boy and their kiss in a public restroom; and Yenni’s suggestion that he would give the boy a job as an aide to Yenni so the two could be close and not arouse suspicion, among other allegations.

At the time, Yenni was the 39-year-old Mayor of Kenner, a husband and father. The sexting occurred while Yenni was campaigning for Parish President.

Yenni was also involved in another batch of inappropriate communications with 8 adult males while he was the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Kenner. Multiple emails were sent and received by Yenni on City of Kenner equipment. Those emails were also sexually explicit in nature. When the emails were disclosed, Yenni claimed that he was being extorted by political rivals and the FBI embargoed the emails, although many in Kenner had already read the emails or had copies of them.

Yenni has maintained that those emails from 2009-2010 were fabricated.