Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sexual Predator-In-Chief Takes On Education And The JP School Board That Banished Him

When Jefferson Parish’s Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni named former Jefferson Parish School Superintendent Dianne Roussel as one of his top aides, I scoffed.

What was a former School Superintendent who failed miserably and was vilified by parents, teachers, administrators and School Board Members going to do in Parish Government? The Parish and School Board are completely separate entities and the Parish President has nothing to do with Education.

But, when you consider the stellar Leadership Team that Yenni has surrounded himself with, the selection of Roussel is really not surprising.

Yenni’s top 4 aides include:

-          The aforementioned Roussel.

-          A drunk former Police Chief, despite the Parish President also having no jurisdiction over the JPSO.

-          A bankrupt attorney and former JPSO Officer who left the force in a cloud of controversy surrounding an allegation of a cover up involving police brutality at a Mardi Gras Parade.

-          A former secretary turned uncertified City Auditor who rose swiftly to become Deputy CAO for Louisiana’s 6th largest city despite having no municipal government experience (perhaps she has photos of Yenni with farm animals – young, male farm animals)

And, they are led by a Sexual Predator who has been banned from setting foot on any Catholic or Public School property or attending any school events.


I’m sure we all sleep better at night knowing that Jefferson Parish is in such great hands.

While I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that he is banned from schools and can’t troll for sexual conquests, but Yenni has found something for Roussel to get involved in: offering ideas to fix the public school system that she left in tatters.

When Roussel left the school system in 2011 citing a need to “rest”, JP schools were ranked 52nd out of 70 Louisiana school systems.

I know what you’re thinking: she needed rest after getting us to a whopping 52nd place?

And that 52nd place finish came after the JP School Board was stacked with pro-business members and Roussel had virtual carte blanche to increase the bloated school bureaucracy with her highly-paid cronies at the expense of educating children.

Now, JP’s Sexual Predator-In-Chief has named Roussel to Chair a new Education Task Force.

And what exactly will this Task Force do?

Make suggestions that they can’t enforce or quantify.

Didn’t Roussel have 8 years as Superintendent with a supportive pro-business School Board to enact her “suggestions”?

Yep, and it got us all the way to 52nd place!

Woo Hoo.

Can’t wait to hear her new suggestions now that she’s “rested”.

So, now that the people of Jefferson Parish have kicked out the failed pro-business majority on the School Board and Roussel has “rested”, what does Mike Yenni do?

He forms a Task Force filled with pro-business folks.

In addition to Roussel and Natalie Newton from his office, Yenni’s Task Force includes many of the usual suspects:

-          Former State Rep. Tony Ligi, an attorney who quit the Legislature to, in his words, spend more time with his family. At least he didn't say that he needed to "rest". Ligi became a lobbyist for business as the head of the Jefferson Business Council. He is also the President of the Elmwood Business Association.

-          Henry Shane who helped elect the failed pro-business School Board and is a political supporter of Yenni and Ligi. Shane is a member of the Jefferson Business Council and heavily involved in the Jefferson Chamber.

-          Dr. Vinicio Madrigal who heads the fake endorsement group HISPAC. Yenni called Madrigal “instrumental” in the formation of the Kenner Discovery and Health Sciences Academy. As an alleged Hispanic leader, perhaps someone should ask Madrigal (who is a Dr. in name only) why Kenner Discovery has such a disproportionately low percentage of Hispanic and Minority students compared to Kenner’s population.

-          Todd Murphy, President of the Jefferson Chamber. The Chamber worked hand-in-hand with Shane and the Jefferson Business Council to propagate the failed pro-business School Board that worked with Roussel and led JP Schools to their amazing 52nd Place.

-          State Senator Conrad Appel, a staunch supporter of Common Core. Appel will act as an “Advisor” to the Task Force.

Look, no one disputes that Education in Jefferson Parish doesn’t need improvement. However, it is NOT the role of Parish Government or the Parish President to intervene in Education.

If Mike Yenni has suggestions to improve public education, other than have more events so he can hookup with students, he should discuss those suggestions with the current School Board and Superintendent.

I predict that this Task Force will work like all of Yenni’s other political committees (The Kenner Streamlining Government Committee; the Kennere Economic Development Committee; the sub-committee on The Esplanade Mall – yeah, how did that work out?): they will meet and talk. There will be a press release from the Minister of Propaganda Greg Buisson and it will accomplish nothing.

For his part, Jefferson Parish Council President Chris Roberts wants no part in Yenni’s Education Task Force.

In a Facebook post, Roberts said, "I want to be clear that I have not submitted a name for this Task Force nor do I plan to do so.”

The other JP Council members should follow Roberts’ lead and steer clear of any involvement in another of Yenni’s shams.

In fact, the best thing that Yenni could do for Education in Jefferson Parish  would be to resign and allow our parish to move forward with a new Parish President.

At least then our children could have a Parish President that they could look up to.