Friday, October 27, 2017

Silly Fish: Kenner Council Must Redo Interim Vote

The other day, I told you about my "Fortune" and compared the Kenner City Council to "Silly Fish".

To review, my "Fortune" said, "It is the silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait."

And now there's news that the Kenner City Council has proven me right (again).

The Council has scheduled another "Special" meeting on Monday. The only agenda item is...wait for name an interim replacement for District 5 Councilman Dominick Impastato.

As we noted in our last post, BEFORE a vacancy or anticipated vacancy can be filled on the Council, there must be an opening. In this case, as was the case in 2016 when the Council rushed the appointment of Brian Brennan to replace Keith Conley, Impastato's resignation letter had not arrived at the Secretary of State BEFORE the Council voted to replace him.

What is truly sad about this matter is, not that it happened again but, that the Council was warned AGAIN.

When I learned that the Council would be naming a replacement, I emailed and texted several council members. No, I didn't notify my councilman, District 2 Councilman Mike Sigur, since in almost 4 years in office, Sigur has NEVER returned a phone call or replied to an email from me.

Several other people also contacted the Council.

So, the Council knew they were screwing up but, in their arrogance, they ignored the warnings.

Silly fish...

For those of you that enjoyed my analogy/fortune, here's another one: the Kenner City Council is like a group of teenagers in a bad, scary movie where you know how it ends but you keep watching anyway.

You're sitting there watching the movie and talking to the movie screen and trying to warn the teenagers: "Don't go in there."

But the kids go anyway - and then they are killed.

Whether it's redoing yet another Council appointment or repealing the Uber/Lyft ordinance days after they approved it, or facing the maelstrom of criticism over their attempt to ban property owners from parking boats in their driveways, the Kenner City Council truly is "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight."

 I laugh every time I think of the character named "Baccala".

For those of you that don't know, Baccala is salt cod, and it was a staple of my Grandmother's Christmas Eve Dinner. We had fried Baccala; Baccala soup; Baccala salad; Baccala in tomato gravy; and more. You ate the Baccala and always complimented my Grandmother because at the end of the Baccala Trail was the prize: Pineapple Pie - a true delight.

I know...I'm writing about food again.

"The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" was a funny book and movie.

Kind of like watching the Kenner City Council meetings.