Monday, February 18, 2013 Says Jindal Setting Stage For National Run

The online blog says that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is already governing like a man ready for the national stage.

A poll last week showed that in a head-to-head race, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-New Orleans) would defeat the Governor, 49-41%, but could the Governor have his eyes on a bigger prize than U.S. Senate?

Despite polls showing his approval rating at 49%, the first time its ever been below 50%, the Governor has tackled some big issues which have given him some national press. He has also delivered several speechs which have raised his national profile.

Last Thursday, Jindal said that the only poll that he was interested in was the BCS poll and ensuring that the LSU Football Tigers were included.

In the article, Politico discusses the significant issues that Jindal has proposed including school vouchers, the Governor's rejection of Medicaid expansion and his current proposal to eliminate the state income tax.