Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why Local TV Reporters Shouldn't Cover The Super Bowl

Before Friday, most people outside of Orlando had probably never heard of Jessica Sanchez, a reporter for WKMG-TV. Now, many in New Orleans would like to forget her.

Rather than send a Sports Reporter or Anchor to cover the Super Bowl in New Orleans, WKMG sent Sanchez, their Traffic Reporter. Was she supposed to enlighten Orlando viewers with reports of delays on the Causeway or a better route around an accident on Claiborne? No, Sanchez was doing live reports on Bourbon Street (heavy traffic there).

If you go to Bourbon Street, during Mardi Gras and Super Bowl week, what would you expect to find? Intoxicated people.

Well, an intoxicated San Francisco 49er fan found Sanchez and had the audacity to cheer "Go Niners" while Sanchez was doing her live shot for WKMG.

Rather than take it in stride, Sanchez attempted to embarass the woman and intimate that the woman might have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Now, thanks to the internet (and yes, we are part of it), the woman will live in infamy. All because she saw a TV camera and wanted to show her support of her home team.

I wonder if Sanchez pulls this type of immature garbage on people leaving Disney World.

Hopefully, the woman enjoys the rest of her stay in New Orleans and enjoys the game. Sanchez's poor taste should not reflect poorly on the Crescent City.

And I'm sure there are several New Orleans Attorneys that would like to do some Pro Bono work for her and make Sanchez regret ever accepting the assignment to come here.

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