Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Follow-Up Audit Gives JPAS Clean Financial Bill Of Health

The Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS), which was the subject of an audit which criticized some of its financial controls, was given a clean bill of health in a follow-up audit.

The follow-up audit states: “All findings from the previous report have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Internal Audit; therefore, no additional response is required.”
Prior to the initial report’s draft, a copy was leaked to the press and drew an immediate response from JPAS Artistic and Executive Director Dennis Assaf. The draft report failed to note the steps JPAS had taken to correct items that were discussed in the draft report.

The ensuing media scrutiny caused Jefferson Parish President John Young to temporarily withhold emergency funding from JPAS. With the results of the follow-up audit, that funding is expected to be released by the Parish.
The draft of the follow-up audit is posted on the JPAS website.

JPAS was founded 35 years ago by Assaf and Hannah Cunningham. Last year, JPAS held over 200 performances in 12 theatres, 8 cities, and 5 parishes in Louisiana and Mississippi.