Saturday, June 8, 2013

Is Louisiana Ready For Governor Normand? Really????

Not content with being the Sheriff of the 2nd largest parish in the state or the head of a hospital board that is trying to give away two public hospitals, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand is reported to have his eyes set on another prize (drum roll, please): Governor of Louisiana.

The Advocate is reporting that Normand commissioned a poll that shows he would run fourth among 6 possible candidates, if voters were to select 2015 gubernatorial candidates today.
Yes, we’re talking about the same Newell Normand who trampled on property rights in Fat City, and the same Newell Normand that got some of his legislative buddies to change a law taking away your right to vote on whether East Jefferson General Hospital and West Jefferson Medical Center are leased to a private company.

Sounds like the kind of guy we need to promote, right? The reality is, we should all be pushing for term-limits on all elected officials to get people like Normand out of office instead of letting him continue to solicit campaign contributions from people so he can feed his ego and impose his views on average citizens.
The poll of 601 “likely” voters showed that Senator David Vitter would lead a gubernatorial race with 18%; State Rep. John Bel Edwards, who has already announced his intention to run and was the only Democrat surveyed, had 17%; Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne had 14%; Normand was at 10%; Treasurer John Kennedy had 8%; and Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain had 4%.

The poll also tested the favorable/unfavorable ratings of those 6 possible candidates.
Senator Vitter had the highest score on both with a 53% favorable rating but a 40% unfavorable rating as well. 7% of those surveyed had no opinion of Vitter.

In contrast, Normand had a 22% favorable rating and a 10% unfavorable rating. 67% of those surveyed had no opinion of Normand.
It is not known how the poll was broken down geographically and how many respondents came from Jefferson Parish or Metro New Orleans.

The polling company didn’t call me but, for what it’s worth, the prospect of someone like Normand becoming Governor of Louisiana makes what little hair I have on the back of my neck stand up.
It should have a similar effect on you as well.