Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fort Polk “Saved” – Indispensable Landrieu Takes Credit

While residents in CENLA were cheering the U.S. Army’s decision to only reduce troop strength at Fort Polk by a modest 240, Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu was sending out an email blast patting herself on the back for her efforts in “saving Fort Polk”.

In the email, the Indispensable One said:
“I am proud to say that during the last decade, I have secured $1 billion dollars in federal investment for Fort Polk. Together, we have worked to keep Ft. Polk strong and improve quality of life for our military families.”

Fort Polk will continue to be a place for the Army to stay and grow in Central Louisiana.”
And, while that fact may comfort Fort Polk and Leesville, it does little to exude joy from U.S. taxpayers.

Why, exactly, do we need a base with 9,500 troops stationed in the middle of Louisiana or an Air Force Base in Bossier City with 15,000 active-duty troops? Is the Federal Government preparing to strike back should the Republic of Texas ever attempt succession?
The antiquated system of placing military bases in Congressional Districts across the country as perks instead of basing them on their strategic value should have died out long ago.

Rather than addressing and fixing the problem or allowing military leaders to determine which bases are necessary for the nation's defense (I mean, why allow someone to do their job), Landrieu takes it upon herself to pour more money into possibly non-strategic military assets. 

When land-locked Orlando has a Naval Training Base, you know there are issues with military base placement.
Although I have heard rumblings that Donald Duck is acquiring several pirate ships.