Sunday, September 22, 2013

LSU Lost $45k on Edwards/King Gabfest

The LSU Student Union Theater lost over $45,000 on the September 8th stop of the Edwin Edwards Reputation Restoration World Tour. Edwards was interviewed by Larry King.

532 people actually paid to hear the former Governor and the former TV talk show host yak it up along with Edwards’ biographer Leo Honeycutt. Tickets were priced at $60.00. Another 146 complimentary tickets were also distributed. The Theater’s capacity is over 1,200.

For his part, Edwards actually came out on the short end of the stick receiving only $6,000 for his appearance while King was paid $66,400 along with a two-night stay in a hotel suite.

With figures like that, it’s no wonder why the cost of higher education continues to increase, although I’m not sure that paying Edwards and King would be considered a wise use of student fees, since only about 100 students actually attended the event.