Friday, September 6, 2013

Mayor Yenni Skips Council Meeting For Mexican Buffet - Can't Blame Me This Time

You know, I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Two years ago, many Kenner residents were upset that Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni would get up and leave the City Council meetings at the point in the meeting where the general public could go up and address the Mayor and the Council on city issues.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever written about Mayor Yenni arriving late to a council meeting.

That is, until now.

In July, Adriane Quinlan of the Times-Picayune penned a piece about Mayor Yenni where the Mayor blamed the stress that I caused him for binge eating, his robust size 40 waist and twice daily trips to a gym.

People at City Hall scoffed mightily at the suggestion that I was the reason that Mayor Yenni was hitting the gym twice daily. Everyone knows that I am far too old for Mayor Yenni and, with my leg in its current condition, even with a 40-inch waist, the Mayor could still outrun me. At least, in a foot race anyway.

At last night’s Kenner City Council meeting, Mayor Yenni made his entrance with about 5 minutes left in the meeting and announced that he had a far more important thing to do than attend a mere Council meeting.

It seems Mayor Yenni was at the “soft” opening of a Mexican buffet in Kenner, for “VIPs only” according to the Mayor. The restaurant, Two Amigos, will open in the old Come Back Inn restaurant space on Williams to the general public (that is, all of us non-VIPs) on Monday.

Yenni even boasted about the restaurant having “great Flautas”.

No real surprise that the Mayor enjoys Flautas, the cigar-shaped tortilla that is filled with meat and deep fried. 

Now Flautas are OK in my book but I would never order them in a restaurant nor would I shirk my official duties as Mayor of Louisiana’s 6th largest city to eat one (or 6 in Mayor Yenni’s case). Since they are not part of the “1910 Revolution” combo plate that I normally get at Casa Tequila (3229 Williams Blvd. in Kenner), my local Kenner Mexican Restaurant hangout for many years, I rarely eat Flautas.

Until at least Monday, I will just have to trust Mayor Yenni’s judgement – at least when it comes to Flautas and what makes a "great Flauta".

And two-a-days at the gym.