Monday, October 28, 2013

Jindal Blasts ObamaCare, Times-Picayune Editorial On Fox

On “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace”, Governor Bobby Jindal was in fine form taking shots at the rollout of ObamaCare, defending himself against claims made in a Times-Picayune editorial that criticized the Governor on health care, and even Al Gore.

Regarding the epic fail of the launch of the web site, the entry point for ObamaCare, Jindal was blunt in his assessment.

“This is an incompetent rollout, but it’s symptomatic of a liberal ideology that believes government should be running our health care.”

“Maybe they’ll bring in Al Gore, you know, the guy who says he invented the internet, and they’ll fix the web site.”

He questioned the competence of the Obama Adminitration.

“I’ve long wondered, is this Administration the most incompetent or the most liberal Administration in recent history?”

Governor Jindal believes that, inevitably, President Obama will be forced to delay the implementation of the individual mandate noting that the President has delayed penalties for large corporations.

“It’s harder and harder for them (the Obama Administration) to justify why they wouldn’t delay the individual mandate as well.”

When pressed by moderator Chris Wallace about his decision to not accept Federal dollars to expand Medicaid and a recent editorial in the Times-Picayune, Jindal defended his actions.

“I think we need to do health care reform from the bottom up,” Jindal said. “We believe we’ve got a better approach.”