Friday, July 3, 2015

Lenny Cline - Kenner Council's Comic Relief

The continued ignorance of Kenner District 4 Councilman Lenny Cline clearly knows no limits.

One meeting after disclosing his complete lack of knowledge regarding the difference between ordinances and resolutions, despite spending the past year on the Kenner City Council, Cline continues to pave new ground down the yellow brick stupidity road that leads to the Council Chambers at 1801 Williams Blvd.

At the recent Council meeting regarding Mayor Mike Yenni's plan to add still more debt tied to sales tax revenue to Kenner's increasingly burdensome debt load, Cline was unaware of the process, the particulars, what type of debt Kenner was selling and to whom, Cline voted to go ahead with Yenni's plan anyway.

No surprise there, right?

At a time when Kenner is filled with commercial blight, the Esplanade (Kenner's largest sales tax revenue generator) is hanging by a thread, and Yenni just added the largest debt in Kenner's history after piling on more debt for Sewerage, wouldn't it be prudent to take a step back instead of tying up more debt for another generation of Kennerites?

Not if Yenni wants to be promoted to Parish President.

Step right up folks and keep those contracts, and political contributions coming folks. $

Now, after a dispute regarding the renewal of Kenner's auditing contract not given to the lowest bidder despite equal qualifications, Cline has publicly admitted that he was not aware of the proper procedure in ranking applicants.

According to's Adriane Quinlan:

After their vote in favor of Duplantier, council members raised concern over the scoring process -- particularly as councilman Leonard Cline had scored all other firms that applied with a zero.

In an earlier article, Ms. Quinlan noted the reason why Cline scored the way that he did:

Cline said he was not informed on properly scoring applicants, and thus is fine with reconsidering all the firms.


What did he just say?

After a year one the Council,in addition to now knowing the difference between an ordinance and a resolution, Cline also doesn't know how to score applicants for a contract?


Perhaps if you had attended a Council meeting or paid attention instead of being a member of Yenni's Yes Massa, I mean Consensus Team, you would know.

Instead Cline proves on an almost daily basis, or whenever he actually opens his mouth at a council meeting, what a Useful Idiot he is for the Yenni regime.

Sadly, the Council is made up primarily of Yenni's Useful Idiots, I mean Consensus Team.

Sorry Lenny, we are laughing at you, not with you.

It would be truly funny if it weren't so sad.

Ignorance is true bliss if you are a Friend of Mike.

And continued financial ruin for the future of Kenner.