Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Is Buisson The Real Reason For Lyin’ Ben’s Mayoral Delay?

If you’ve read ClickJefferson in the past, you know that I’ve said for years that with Mike Yenni nothing is ever as it seems.

Sadly, it’s taken a sexting scandal with a teenage boy to get some of you to believe me.

I don’t want to make any height jokes, but, perhaps it’s because he has lived in Mike Yenni’s shadow since it appears that with Lyin’ Ben Zahn, the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

No, there haven’t been any allegations of Lyin’ Ben and young boys, but, when it comes to deception and protecting the financial interests of the Minister of Propaganda Greg Buisson, Zahn and Yenni are identical.

In our last post, we discussed Lyin’ Ben’s ridiculous statement that he wanted to wait for his election as Kenner’s Mayor to be “certified” before he resigned his JP Council seat. Delaying his resignation would result in an Interim Councilman being appointed and seated for almost a full year before an elected Councilman could take over the remainder of Zahn’s unexpired term.

If Zahn would have resigned last week, an election could have been held in the Spring rather than next Winter.

At first glance, it appeared that Zahn wanted to approve an Interim Councilman to take his seat and have another friendly Pro-Yenni vote on the Council before allowing voters the right to choose his successor.

But, is that really the reason?

After my post, I received a few emails suggesting otherwise.

Could helping our old friend Greg Buisson be the true motivation behind Lyin’ Ben’s delay?

Let’s jump back to 2014.

After his defeat of the Pro-Buisson Machine candidate Louis Congemi, JP Councilman-At-Large Chris Roberts put forth an ordinance that would ban political campaign managers like Buisson from receiving funds from NGOs that received Parish funding.

As we’ve discussed in the past, Greg Buisson has his money grubbing paws in several lucrative Parish honeypots including JEDCO, the Jefferson Convention & Visitor’s Bureau; fairs and festivals like Family Gras; fishing rodeos; and Buisson also has the contract to put up Mardi Gras parade reviewing stands.

Buisson, not wanting to lose his multiple spots in the JP Tax Payer trough, cried “Foul!” and filed a lawsuit against Roberts and the Parish.

Buisson claimed that he was being singled out.

So what.

Roberts’ ordinance was long overdue.

Buisson has exerted his influence over those he has helped get elected and leveraged his relationships with elected officials to profit himself at our expense for years.

The Buisson Tax Payer Gravy Train should have ended long ago.

Instead, rather than do the honorable thing and recuse themselves from votes involving Buisson, those that Buisson has relationships with have continued to vote to approve tax dollars for Buisson-affiliated organizations.

And you wonder why Louisiana has a poor reputation when it comes to political ethics.

Recently, the spineless JP Council backtracked on the Roberts ordinance and allowed Buisson to keep his Mardi Gras stand contract.

The Council said that no other company bid on the contract.

What the Council should have done is secure multiple bids on the contract. Surely there are enough 

businesses out there that would have jumped at the chance to replace Buisson.

Why was there no outreach to minority or Disadvantaged Businesses?

Because Buisson has several members of the JP Council like Lyin’ Ben along with JP’s resident Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni in place to protect him.

But let’s get back to the Buisson connection and Lyin’ Ben’s resignation delay.

Sources have told ClickJefferson that, behind the scenes and away from the TV cameras and the public, Lyin’ Ben has been pressing the Council to settle the Buisson lawsuit regarding the Roberts ordinance.

The settlement would involve a cash payment (from YOUR tax dollars) and payment for Buisson’s legal expenses.

We are told that Yenni has also been involved in discussions regarding the settlement amount which Yenni would approve.

And when is the JP Council scheduled to discuss the lawsuit settlement?

If you guessed at their next meeting, you would be correct.

Thus, Lyin’ Ben’s delay would mean that he will be in his Council high chair casting yet another vote to help line the pockets of Greg Buisson at OUR expense.

Of course, the Council may take up the lawsuit settlement in Executive Session which means we will never know which of Buisson’s Council lackeys will join Zahn in giving your money to Buisson. 

The fact is, regardless of whether it’s a public vote or a vote in Executive Session, anyone that has utilized the “services” of Greg Buisson and his company should recuse themselves from voting.

I know however, that it’s wishful thinking to believe that our elected officials are actually there to represent the best interests of the people of Jefferson Parish.

If all goes according to Lyin’ Ben’s plan, Greg Buisson gets richer (at YOUR expense) and Zahn helps his (and Yenni’s) campaign manager in the process.

Once again, everyone wins – except the tax payers of Jefferson Parish.