Friday, December 9, 2016

Summarizing The Kenner Mayoral Election

Since Hurricane Katrina, Kenner voters have enjoyed a distinct contrast every four years in their Mayoral candidates. This election is no different.

Unlike the past campaigns however, this election does not feature all Republicans as the major, or leading, candidates.

Party affiliation though, is the easiest difference to discuss.

Republican (although in name only) Lyin’ Ben Zahn is attempting to hop from his position on the JP Council back to Kenner. This is the reverse of what Lyin’ Ben did in 2011, when he quit on his Kenner District 3 constituents to hop to the JP Council.

Zahn has the blessing of former Mayor and current JP Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni. The two share campaign contributors, the campaign management of Minister of Propaganda Greg Buisson, and a penchant for spending other people’s money – both in the form of no-bid contracts for their contributors and in using their campaign funds to enrich their personal lifestyles.

Zahn’s top JP Council aide was also Yenni’s driver for the beginning of Yenni’s Mayoral stint before he too hopped to the JP Council.

Democratic Kenner City Councilman Gregory Carroll is Zahn’s runoff opponent.

Long considered the most fiscally Conservative member of the Kenner Council, Carroll represents District 1, a primarily minority district.

The two have differed on several major issues over the past 6 years.

Zahn supported Yenni’s plan to double Kenner property taxes. Carroll actively opposed Yenni’s plan.

Zahn supported tripling sewerage fees. Carroll opposed the drastic fee increase and preferred a more moderate increase.

Zahn supported Yenni’s plan to close playgrounds after his property tax scheme was soundly defeated by voters. Carroll opposed closing any playgrounds and offered other suggestions to balance the budget.

Zahn supported extending the Crescent City Connection tolls. Carroll opposed the toll extension.

While no longer a member of the Kenner Council, Zahn supported Yenni’s 2030 debt plan. Carroll opposed saddling our children and grandchildren with Tens of Millions in debt without voter approval.

While not in his JP Council district, Zahn supported Yenni’s plan to sell streets in Carroll’s Kenner Council district to the Levee Board. Since the street sale would have limited access to historic cemeteries, Carroll held several public meetings in his district and spoke out at the Levee Board’s meeting. He galvanized community support and the Levee Board backed off their plan and put forth a less invasive plan with more community involvement and input.

In Councilman Carroll you have a low tax, small government, fiscally conservative Democrat who is not beholden to the campaign contributors that have pushed their candidates up the ladder so that the campaign contributors can continue reaping the benefits of no-bid contracts and your tax dollars.

Zahn has approved Hundreds of Millions in no-bid contracts that have enriched his campaign contributors often to the detriment of the people he was elected to represent.

Councilman Carroll has worked to save you money and keep more money in your pocket. Lyin’ Ben thinks he can spend  your money better than you can.

The BP Oil Spill was a horrific, damaging event to our state and our parish. When Jefferson Parish settled with BP, rather than dedicate the funds to coastal restoration and improving our hurricane and flood protection, Lyin’ Ben wanted to use the bulk of the money for pay raises for parish employees and divide the remainder among the council districts so each could add to their council slush funds.

That fact alone should disqualify Lyin’ Ben from ever being in a position where he can have access to and spend tax dollars.

When you couple that with Zahn’s being on the wrong side of every major issue (taxes, fees, debt, the CCC Toll extension, playground closings, etc.), it’s easy to see why I am supporting Councilman Carroll for Mayor.

You should too.

The election is tomorrow (Saturday). You can vote for the same old politics as usual and keep Kenner run by Mike Yenni and Greg Buisson, or you can vote for a fiscally conservative man of integrity in Councilman Gregory Carroll.

It’s your choice Kenner – not the Political Machine’s, the campaign contributor’s or, thankfully, the Times-Picayune’s.

Your vote, your choice.

Please choose wisely.