Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jindal "Blasts" Senate Immigration Plan

You know, for a guy who emphatically denies that he has any interest in becoming a U.S. Senator, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal sure spends a lot of time thinking about the Senate.

Case in point, last week Governor Jindal penned an op-ed piece for the National Review magazine titled “Botching Immigration Again”.
In it, Jindal takes several shots at the Senate immigration plan championed by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and his fellow Gang of 8 brothers.

Jindal rightly points out the mountain of pork in the bill including millions for Nevada (and Harry Reid) to promote tourism and $1.5 Billion (that’s right BILLION) for Senator Bernie Sanders’ vote and a “jobs for youth” program in the border state of Vermont.  Yes for those of you that are geography-challenged, Vermont is a border state. Of course, I don’t spend too many waking hours worrying about an invasion of Canadians taking over our country and forcing us to watch Hockey 24/7.
And Jindal does point out that the Senate’s immigration bill is a win-win for Democrats. If it passes, they get millions of new voters and, if it’s defeated, the Dems can paint the Republicans as wanting to keep illegal immigrants from attaining citizenship or any kind of legal status, locking up the Hispanic vote for decades and minimizing the Republican Party.

There are three other points that I agree with Governor Jindal on:
1). Immigration reform must be done in stages – it cannot be solved overnight.

2). The border (with Mexico, not Canada) must be secured first.
3). Jindal says that an all-or-nothing approach on immigration reform will likely yield – drum roll, please – Nothing.

After that, aside from the partisan rhetoric, there’s not a whole lot that differs between Jindal’s position and the position of Rubio and his Merry Men but, at least, Governor Jindal didn't call Senator Rubio a "bed-wetter".
Both want illegal immigrants to learn English, pay fines and back taxes and “demonstrate a willingness to assimilate” (whatever that means), before they can begin the process of legalizing their illegal status.

Governor Jindal also advocates increasing legal immigration “by a lot” – even more than the Gang of 8. And how exactly will adding more Foreigners help with our unemployment rate and ensure wages increase?
 Selective immigration – sure, I’m for that. Holding the door open while millions more flood into our country? You lost me there Governor.

All of those are noble goals, except for the completely open door immigration idea, but they also raise questions.
1). Since many illegals are in low-wage jobs that often are paid in cash (after all, how can an illegal immigrant get a bank account), how will they be able to afford fines; how can we calculate back taxes and, if we determine there are back taxes due, will it be worth it to collect?

2). The majority of illegal immigrants have no desire to assimilate. Just listen to the radio. Cities across the country have multiple Spanish-language radio stations. New Orleans has several as do many large cities. You can even find Spanish radio in cities like Omaha, NE; Columbia, SC and Salt Lake City, UT, not exactly top-of-mind cities when you think of cities with a large Hispanic population.
And, economically, 3rd Generation Hispanics are actually doing worse than 2nd Generation Hispanics.

The City of Kenner has a Hispanic Resource Center and it just celebrated its 10th Anniversary.  How is that “assimilating”?
 “I’ll Take Jindal For Senate for $1,000, Alex”

A few weeks back when I discussed the growing rumble of Jindal for U.S. Senate rumors, a lot of smart people called me crazy. And, maybe they’re right.
But, Governor Jindal is crazy too if he thinks that he will be the 2016 Republican Presidential or Vice-Presidential nominee. And, what happens if Republicans don’t win the Presidency and Jindal can’t even get a cabinet position? What are the odds of him joining the (Hillary) Clinton Administration?

Yeah, barring a constitutional amendment allowing a 3rd term as Governor, Jindal’s choices are limited.
That’s why, if I were a betting man, despite the protestations from the Governor and his aides as well as the multitude of pundits out there who think I’m crazy, I still wouldn’t bet against Jindal running in 2014 against Mary Landrieu.

Maybe Governor Jindal needs some time off after his stint as Louisiana’s Chief Executive to gather his thoughts or campaign for the Republican Presidential nominee. Perhaps he secretly loves the rubber chicken circuit.
It’s either that or the unemployment line in January 2016.