Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dem’s Scream – “Get Hurricane Mary Away From the Microphones”

Coming up next on “Worst Jobs In America”, meet the Press Aide for Louisiana Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu.

That’s a job that you couldn’t pay me enough to fill.
Lately, it seems that every time Senator Landrieu opens her mouth she put her proverbial pedicured foot in it.

Beginning with her combative comments to constituent Larry Katz’s testimony about the effects of ObamaCare at a Senate Small Business Committee hearing that Landrieu chaired, Landrieu seemed to be in a downward spiral.
Who gets combative with one of their own constituents anyway? Especially someone who owns multiple restaurants and has created more private sector jobs that Landrieu has in her lifetime.

Now, admittedly, I doubt if Mr. Katz, who is the owner of Dot’s Diners, is a “Landrieu voter”. But, still, who goes after a constituent?
At the same committee hearing, Landrieu also said that there are a “few glitches” with ObamaCare.

Talk about the understatement of the year.
Perhaps Senator Landrieu missed the news that President Obama is so concerned about the impact of ObamaCare that he postponed some of its implementation until after next year’s midterm elections to help save the political lives of some Democrats including, possibly, Senator Landrieu’s.

And speaking of “midterm”, Senator Landrieu’s comments later in the week regarding 20-week abortions being “midterm” were also surprising.
According to Senator Landrieu, she will not support lowering the ban on abortions to 20 weeks. Since Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court has declared that banning abortions after 24 weeks is acceptable.

Well, it’s acceptable to the Supreme Court anyway.
Most Americans support lowering the ban to 20 weeks, according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll. Neither are bastions of Conservative thought.

While the poll did not discuss Louisiana specifically, I’m sure the results are even stronger here in favor of lowering the ban to 20 weeks.
But, Senator Landrieu says that she can’t support the House bill that lowered the ban to 20 weeks.

Of course, Senator Landrieu also refuses to admit that Louisiana is a Red State, despite Louisiana having 5 out of 6 Congressmen who are Republican; every Statewide-elected office held by a Republican; and elected Democrats leaving their party on an almost weekly basis to become Republicans.
Louisiana is not a Red State or a Blue State “I think it’s a Purple State”, Landrieu said in a radio interview on KEEL-AM in Shreveport.

Senator Landrieu also said, “I’ve just tried to be independent for Louisiana.”
Really? I can’t believe the radio hosts didn’t break out laughing at that statement.

The deciding vote on ObamaCare – that was being “independent for Louisiana”?
Selling your vote – that was being “independent for Louisiana”?

Voting 95% of the time with the Democratic Party and President Obama – that was being “independent for Louisiana”?
95% is the new definition of "Independent"?
I guess when you can’t tell your Reds from your Blues, when it comes to independence, it’s all shades of gray for Senator Landrieu.

Or, rather, shades of purple.