Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cassidy Flip-Flops On Government Shutdown

After saying that he was “deliberative” about a proposed government shutdown designed to force the defunding of ObamaCare, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-Baton Rouge) has now signed on with over 80 other House Republicans in signing a letter to Republican House leadership stating that they will not support any spending bill, including a continuing resolution, unless the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, is defunded.

A continuing resolution would allow the government to continue spending money on existing programs like Social Security, Food Stamps, and unemployment, and continue federal employment.

The Louisiana Republican delegation is split on the proposed government shutdown with Congressmen Steve Scalise (R-Metairie) and John Fleming (R-Minden) supporting the shutdown and Congressmen Charles Boustany (R-Lafayette) and the outgoing Rodney Alexander (R-Quitman) opposed.

The House, including Cassidy, has voted to defund ObamaCare 40 times but the measure has never passed the Senate.

Cassidy has publicly stated his willingness to defund ObamaCare but was opposed to using the threat of a government shutdown to achieve that goal.

“If funding for Obamacare ends up being wrapped into other things such as funding for the military, then I have to support things such as funding for the military,” Cassidy said at a meeting this week.

“It depends on what you mean by shutting down the government,” he added. “If you mean that the guys on active duty don’t get bullets, or that their spouses who are stateside don’t have a check to pay their rent, I am not willing to do that.”

Cassidy is a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Mary Landrieu (D-New Orleans). The other announced Republican candidate, Rob Maness (R-Madisonville) has signed onto the pledge to not support any spending plan other than a continuing resolution to defund ObamaCare.