Thursday, August 1, 2013

John Kennedy for Governor? Scott Angelle for Anything?

Recently, newspaper articles on both ends of the state caught my eye.

On, State Treasurer John Kennedy said that he’s “very, very seriously” considering running for Governor in 2015.

At a Baton Rouge Press Club lunch, Kennedy said, “I want a governor who cares more about Louisiana’s future than his own,” a direct shot across the bow at current Governor Bobby Jindal.

“I want a governor that will govern this state with knowledge and wisdom, not ambition.”

Ok, I’ll buy into that.

“I believe in the possibility of progress. I believe Louisiana’s future can be better than its present and better than its past. You’re all thinking people. You know what you want in a governor. I do, too.”

“The possibility of progress”?

I don’t know what that is but I do know that I like John Kennedy.

Of all the elected officials in Louisiana, the only one that I trust to consistently tell me the truth is John Kennedy. Now, I might not always like the truth, but I know that I’m going to get it.

Current Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne, a fellow Republican, has also announced that he will be seeking the big chair along with Democratic State Rep. John Bel Edwards from Amite. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain thought about running but has reversed course. U.S. Senator David Vitter, another Republican, is also said to be contemplating a gubernatorial bid.

Hopefully, Republicans won’t put forth three strong contenders in Kennedy, Dardenne and Vitter and squash each other. I’m sure that Edwards, with all of $37,000 in his campaign account compared to the Millions in each of the three Republican’s accounts, is hoping that he can somehow sneak in under the radar.

Or, perhaps, Treasurer Kennedy will say that he’s “very, very, very, very seriously” considering running. 

Then, we’ll know for sure.

On the opposite end of the state, Sam Hanna of The Ouachita Citizen opines that Public Service Commissioner and former interim Lt. Governor Scott Angelle should run for Governor himself or the U.S. Senate.

Angelle has been rumored in the past as a possible successor to Governor Jindal or as a possible opponent to Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser for Angelle’s old job as Lt. Governor.

But, U.S. Senate?

In a perverse way, it does make sense.

Angelle, from St. Martin Parish, is strong in Acadiana and could be formidable in North Louisiana, both weak spots for current Republican challenger Congressman Bill Cassidy.

Angelle was a Democratic who switched parties a few years back. Even with the party switch though, Angelle has stronger Conservative credentials and better name recognition than Cassidy, is a better public speaker than both Cassidy and the other Republican challenger Rob Maness, and has a history of being able to raise the money necessary to be a viable candidate.

He would also have the support, if he wanted it, of Governor Jindal. Jindal has not announced his support of Congressman Cassidy.

The curious part to me though, is that the idea of Angelle for U.S. Senate came out of Monroe, the bastion of Conservative Congressman John Fleming. For a time, Fleming was considered as one of Mary Landrieu’s likely opponents himself.

Fleming has been cool to the idea of endorsing the Cassidy for Senate campaign even pointing out that his participation in a Washington fundraiser for Cassidy did not mean that “the entire delegation was supporting” Cassidy.

So, we know that John Kennedy is “very, very seriously” considering running for Governor and some people want Scott Angelle to run for Governor too. Or U.S. Senate. Or Lt. Governor.

When they decide, we’ll let you know.