Friday, August 2, 2013

Eli’s Coming…Oops, He’s Here

The Cajun Royal Birthing.

The “push” heard across the Bayou.
“The Cajun Prince”.

However you want to describe it, early Thursday morning, Trina Edwards popped out a son for former Governor and Convicted Felon Edwin Edwards.
On Facebook (you were expecting somewhere else?), Trina Scott Edwards posted:

“Everyone except me is getting to sleep. It’s ok though. I’d rather just lay here and stare at my little Cajun prince!!”
Little Eli Wallace Edwards (yes, another EWE), weighed in at 6lbs., 3oz., and 19”.

Look it’s great that Edwin still has heterosexual desires after spending years in prison, but didn’t anyone consider that the original EWE is 85 years old (86 next week)? He surely will not be out there coaching little EWE’s Little League team or giving him soccer pointers. Is that fair?
Having a child shouldn’t be about YOUR ego and extending YOUR legacy especially when you’re already saddling him with the dubious reputations of both parents.

Of course, I'm not a politician, an ex-con or a parent so, what do I know?

But, I can only imagine the schoolyard conversation:
JOHNNY: My parents were high-school sweethearts. How did your parents meet Eli?

ELI: My mom visited my dad in prison.
But, hey, I’m sure the Cajun Royal Birthing made for riveting Television and when “The Governor’s Wife” finally does air, I’m sure it will have mega-ratings in Louisiana.

In Edwin Edwards’ warped mind, it’s all about him anyway so life is good.
And, when you look at it through EWE’s eyes, who am I to judge?