Monday, August 19, 2013

State Estimates Almost $800,000 In Taxpayer Dollars Spent To Develop and Promote Jindal’s Tax Swap Plan

The Baton Rouge Advocate reported that Louisiana taxpayers will spend almost $800,000 to develop, market and promote Governor Bobby Jindal’s failed tax swap plan. And the bills aren’t done yet even if the plan has been dead for months.  

The state has paid a myriad of companies for products and services including web site design, public relations, podcasts, accounting and consultants.

Bills include:
$48,757.39 to Spring Media USA for messaging, website management and multi media campaign

$30,263.50 to Postlewaite and Netterville, an accounting firm, for revenue analysis

$26,508.34 to Gooden Group for public relations

$19,900 to Gatorworks for website design and development

$15,000 to St. Julien Public Relations for strategic public relations and outreach to minority, low income and rural communities

$10,000 to SSA Consultants for identifying stakeholders and scheduling meetings

Those are in addition to $144,702.23 in payroll and benefits for 8 temporary employees.

Also, final bills for Ernst and Young for tax modeling and for Alvarez and Marsal for accounting services are not in yet. Those bills are estimated to be at least $365,000.