Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Did Ben Zahn (or others) Protect Mike Yenni’s Dirty Little Secrets?

The confirmation that Jefferson Parish Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni engaged in a sexting relationship and propositioned a 17-year-old high school boy has raised many questions.

Since you don’t wake up one day as a 40-year-old married father and say, “I think I will go to a high school event, and hookup with a high school boy”, Yrnni’s actions, including suggesting that he and the minor boy cross state lines and go to Yenni’s Mississippi home for the purposes of having sex and Yenni suggesting that he could get the teen a job as one of Yenni’s Assistants so the two could be in close proximity without arousing suspicion, were clearly thought out begging the question: How many other times has Yenni made these suggestions to other teen boys?

It also begs the further questions: Who in Yenni’s inner circle knew about Mike Yenni’s dirty little secrets, when did they know, what lengtjs dod they go to protect Yenni and his secrets, and what did they and others receive for keeping Yenni’s sexual antics hidden:

Who in Mike Yenni’s inner circle of close friends and allies heard, saw, or knew what Mike Yenni was doing behind closed doors as Yenni perpetrated his con on his wife, family and Jefferson Parish residents?

What lengths did Yenni’s inner circle go to in an attempt to hide Yenni’s dirty little secrets from the public? Were people offered jobs, as Yenni discussed with the 17-year-old high school boy he was sexting? What about lucrative no-bid contracts?

With any person in a position of power like Yenni has potentially devastating secrets, , you need to question every action that seems unusual. When Secretaries are made City Directors without any experience in the departments that they are charged with, you have to wonder – did this person get his/her job because he/she knew too much about Yenni’s private life?


Forner Kenner City Councilman and current JP Councilman and Kenner Mayoral candidate Ben Zahn, has been a close friend and ally of Yenni for over 10 years. Zahn also had a relationship with Yenni’s political patron former JP President Aaron Broussard.

Clearly, Zahn and Yenni have worked closely for years and attended hundreds of social functions with each other. In addition, Zahn surely heard the rumors about Yenni’s antics and Zahn was on the Kenner City Council when Yenni’s suggestive emails to 8 males were leaked to a political rival of Yenni.

How many times, over the past 10 years or more that they’ve known each other, has Ben Zahn heard or seen Mike Yenni doing something inappropriate? How many times has Ben Zahn looked the othere way or covered up a messy situation for Mike Yenni?

One of Zahn’s Council assistants is Yenni’s former driver. What does he know about Yenni’s sexual encounters and what did he share with Zahn and others? Did he view Yenni acting inappropriately with teenage boys and not report it to authorities?

In 2011, after photos of a  Kenner Councilman in a suggestive pose were sent to a female City of Kenner employee and leaked to the press (a leak allegedly authorized by Yenni himself), Zahn was all over the media calling for the Kenner Councilman to resign.

While I don’t condone either atction, clearly, sending a selfie, even a suggestive one, to a consenting adult pales in comparison to texts from a 40-year-old married father to a 17-year-old high school boy suggesting the two have homosexual sex.

Is Ben Zahn on TV now calling for Mike Yenni’s resignation?

If not, Ben Zahn is a hypocrite.

But, you already knew that.


Former KPD Chief, Steve Caraway has also been a longtime ally and close personal friend of Yenni. In fact, after a one-year retirement, Caraway was back at Yenni’s side when Yenni became Paraish President and is currently one of Yenni’s top aides in JP government.

Before Yenni married, there was a story that circulated claiming that Yenni’s future father-in-law had grown tired of hearing rumors of his pending son-in-law’s homosexual romps and requested that Yenni have a polygraph test to dispel the rumors.

The test was allegedly administered by a representative of the Kenner Police Department and the results were altered to cast aside the thoughts of Yenni’s indescretions. In return for falsifying the results, the test administer was rumored to have received either a new position or a significant pay increase.

If the test was administered by a KPD employee, clearly then-Chief Caraway had to know about it. If the test did not occur, surely Caraway had to have heard the rumor and had ample opportunity to deny it, publicly or privately.

So, what did Steve Caraway know? Since Caraway now earns double what he earned as KPD Chief, is his new position a payoff for years of keeping Yenni’s antics quiet? Has Caraway ever interceded on Yenni’s behalf to squelch investigations or rumors that might have hurt Yenni.

Caraway swept an investigation into Ben Zahn’s role in the Kenner Convention & Visitor’s Bureau affair under the rug. Five years later, the public has never learned the results of that “investigation”. Did Caraway act in similar way in his role as KPD Chief to keep Mike Yenni’s public image intact and hide Yenni’s sexual antics?


One of Yenni’s other top JP aides, former JPSO Deputy and Kenner City Attorney Keith Conley,  has als o worked closely with Yenni over the past 10 years. For his loyalty to Yenni, despite leaving the JPSO anud scabdak abd filing bankruptcy, Conley has continually moved up in government and like Caraway is now earning a higher salary than he ever has in government.

As a former Deputy, Conley could have easily ran interference for Yenni and gotten Yenni out of many inappropriate situations.

What does Keith Conley know about Yenni’s sexual antics and the lies used to cover up for Yenni?

Kenner District 5 Councilman Dominick Impastato is also a longtime friend and ally of Yenni. In fact, Impastato has been groomed by Yenni and appointed to committees, including his position as Chairman of Yenni’s Economic Development Committee (I wonder what happened to that committee and the Mayor’s Youth Advisotry Committee and was the Youth Advisotry Committee created so Yenni could interact with other teenagers under the guise of his being Mayor?).

Why would Yenni choose Impastato, who hasn’t created 5 jobs in his entire life, to be Chairman of his Economic Development Committee?

What does Impastato know about Yenni’s sexual romps with teenagers?

By crossing the line and propositioning a teenage minor, Yenni has tainted everyone in his path and everyone needs to be held accountable especially those who are not disowning Yenni.

Everyone needs to disavow Yenni or be dragged down with him.

That is, if they aren’t already in the gutter next to Mike Yenni.