Friday, October 28, 2016

Recall Mike Yenni and Kick Dennis DeMarco Off The Island Too

If you are like most people, you have a well defined morning routine. For me, it’s wake up, thank God for giving me another day and the hope that I will be able to do something during the course of the day to allow Her to give me another day tomorrow too. Then I turn the TV on CNBC (since Cox no longer carries Bloomberg) and I get caught up on the overnight news.
 NEVER wake up and say, “I think I will write about JP Registrar of Voters Dennis DeMarco today” and I certainly NEVER thought that I would write about  DeMarco in two successive posts.
Try as I might to avoid wasting time on an appointed official like DeMarco, I need to write about him again.
DeMarco has long been a mentor and FOM (Friend Of Mike). He is on the Board of Directors of the Yenni Cabal. The fact that he has lasted in government as long as he has is as much a testament to Louisiana’s arcane laws (who appoints someone that is not a Supreme Court Judge to a lifelong position?) as it is to DeMarco doing just enough to keep from getting his proverbial torch put out and getting kicked off the island.
In my last post, I mentioned that there were “internet” issues at JP early voting stations that resulted in long lines and, I’m certain, many people just leaving rather than spend a chunk of their day waiting in line to cast their ballot for 2 Presidential candidates that the bulk of the population can’t stand.
I also stated that DeMarco long ago outlived his usefulness to anyone not named Mike Yenni.
Now, DeMarco is back in the news for two additional issues.
Wednesday, Recall Mike Yenni volunteers were stationed in the parking lot of the Yenni Building, an early voting station.
Despite being more than 600 feet from the polling entrance, DeMarco took issue with those gathering signatures (now over 15,000 btw).
“Who do you think you are helping?”, DeMarco asked the volunteers.
How about the People of Jefferson Parish who are trying to wash away the stench of our Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni?
The Recall volunteers were well within the law. They were stationed in a PUBLIC PARKING lot and not obstructing traffic.
But DeMarco felt the need to harass the citizens attempting to collect signatures to Recall Yenni.
What a joke.
As the TV hucksters say,
“But wait – there’s more…”
Thursday, DeMarco was again in the news. WWL-TV reported that DeMarco had a “Private” voting machine in his conference room.
Louisiana law states that ALL voting machines must be in PUBLIC view.
DeMarco claimed that he was within his rights to have a voting machine separate from the others so that “Police, Firemen, and VIPs could cut to the front of the line.”
Allowing Police, Fire, Military-in-Uniform, the elderly and disabled to the front of the line is fine. Allowing some of them to vote in a private conference room isn’t, despite DeMarco’s claims.
Besides, what “VIPs” are he referring to?
Perhaps Mike Yenni and his latest sexual conquest?
Nah, Yenni prefers those who haven’t yet reached the voting age. Besides, why hide behind a voting curtain when you kiss someone in a public restroom?
DeMarco has been Registrar of Voters long enough to know the rules and, like Yenni, was caught this time. The voters of JP have no idea how long this illegal practice has gone on.
The Louisiana Secretary of State confiscated the illegal voting machine along with the list of those who signed in to use it.
Can’t wait to see whose names are on that list.
I can guarantee you though that the number of Police and Firemen will be small and the list of JP “VIPs” (according to DeMarco anyway), will vastly outnumber the First Responders.
If DeMarco were elected I’d say, set up a table next to the Recall Yenni tables to Recall DeMarco.
Sadly though, we won’t have that opportunity.
But, after this election is over, if kicking DeMarco off the island isn’t on the Parish Council’s agenda, you can bet that it will still