Thursday, October 20, 2016

Yenni Digs In; Thumbs Nose At JP Council and the People

Jefferson Parish’s Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni continued his theatrics and disappearing act at Wednesday’s JP Council and continued to defy the JP Council and the vast majority of JP residents calling for his resignation from Parish government.

Despite an appearance from a former paid Yenni campaign organizer (who, along with the dozen or so t-shirt wearing folks supporting Yenni were probably paid by Yenni or his associates), the Jefferson Parish Council voted unanimously to approve a resolution of “No Confidence” in Yenni’s ability to continue as JP President and called on him to resign.

It is pretty sad that, when you have two weeks to prepare, the best you can muster is some folks who were either paid or showed up to get a free t-shirt and some poor writing from a paid political hack like Greg Buisson.

In officially calling for Yenni’s resignation, the Council affirmed earlier letters to Yenni requesting his resignation after the sexting was reported by WWL-TV. The JP Council also joined the city councils of Gretna and Westwego in calling for Yenni to resign. The Kenner and Harahan city councils will vote on similar resolutions calling for Yenni to resign at their meetings tonight. Yenni is the former Mayor of Kenner and the sexting occurred while Yenni was Mayor, but campaigning for the JP Parish Presidency.

Reading from two prepared statements most likely written for him by his Propoganda Minister, Greg Buisson, Yenni again said that he was sorry for his actions in sexting a 17-year-old high school boy last Summer.

Yenni, leaning on Louisiana law stating that the age of consent is 17, called the boy “a college-bound adult”.

Sorry Mikey: reaching the age of consent in one state does not make someone an “adult”.

Despite Louisiana’s consent law, a 17-year-old in Louisiana cannot
-          Purchase alcohol or tobacco

-          Serve or sell alcohol in a grocery or convenience store or bar

-          Serve in the US Military or Reserve

-          Register to vote (or sign a recall petition)

-          Sign legal documents (without a parent or guardian) to open a bank account or get a credit card

-          Buy a Powerball ticket

The boy that Yenni has confirmed that he sexted couldn’t do any of those things.

Still think that the high school boy Yenni sexted  was an “adult”?

Yeah, me neither.

Nice try though Mikey.

Yenni also made some other curious statements.

He discussed the many Clergy that have told him to fight on and keep doing his job.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans has stated that Yenni is in violation of their code and is not welcome at Catholic Schools in the Parish.

If any Clergy actually said that to Yenni I wish he would name some names. Those Clergy would not have any congregations left if they supported a Sexual Predator like Yenni.

Now, to be sure, I am a Roman Catholic and I’m not judging Yenni as a person. I am, however, judging him as Parish President, the “Face” of Jefferson Parish.

In a jab at the Archdiocese and the Jefferson Parish Public School System which also banned Yenni’s presence, Yenni claimed to have not met the 17-year-old Minor at a school event. This contradicts the victim’s account that he was introduced to Yenni by another teen  boy at a high school event.

Yenni later suggested that he and the 17-year-old engage in a homosexual threesome with the other teen, who was 19-years-old.

So, if Yenni didn’t meet the 17-year-old at a high school event, where exactly did the then 39-year-old married Mayor of Kenner meet a 17-year-old gay high school student?  What was Yenni’s relationship with the 19-year-old that allegedly introduced Yenni to the 17-year-old and when did that relationship begin?

In his “commercial” and in his prepared statements, Yenni admitted sexting the 17-year-old. However, he has never denied several allegations by the Minor including:

-          Yenni’s suggestion that the two leave Louisiana for a sexual encounter at a home owned by Yenni in Mississippi. Taking a Minor across stateliness without parental permission for the purposes of having sex is a serious allegation.  

-          That Yenni suggested that he, the 17-year-old and the 19-year-old have a homosexual threesome.

-          That Yenni suggested that he could arrange a job for the 17-year-old as one of Yenni’s Assistants so the two could be in close proximity without drawing suspicion.

These are serious allegations that Yenni should have denied by now, were they not true.

In Yenni’s statements he claims to apologize to everyone whom he has hurt.

Sorry Mikey, but that isn’t good enough.

This sexting occurred while Yenni was Mayor of Kenner, yet he has NEVER apologized to the people of Kenner for his inappropriate, immoral behavior.

And, even if he did, so what?

Yenni’s warped mind actually believes that, no matter his actions, the people of Kenner and Jefferson Parish are stupid enough to forgive him and move on.

Forgive him as a person, yes; as an elected official tasked with representing and leading our Parish, HELL NO.

As is Yenni’s MO, when this scandal was exposed, he cut and ran. He did not appear at the JP Council meeting (ironically, the annual meeting that the council holds in Kenner). He also skipped a speaking engagement at a West Bank business group lunch.

Rather than listen to the public during their commentary period at the end of yesterday’s council meeting, Yenni skipped out again.

Yenni has also avoided the media and their questions.

That’s what I want from a Parish leader – someone who is afraid to be criticized by the public for his actions and who hides from the media.

As I said, I’m not judging Yenni as a person. I could care less if Yenni is Gay, Bisexual, or likes to dress up in Creepy Clown masks and have sex. That’s his business.

However, a Parish President that can’t attend Public or Catholic School functions, probably can’t speak to any civic group, is avoiding answering questions from the media while hiding behind his political consultant’s skirt, and continues to embarrass our Parish is not fit to lead.

What business leader wants to expand or move his company to a Parish that is led by a Sexual Predator?

This sexting scandal happened while Mike Yenni was Mayor of Kenner and campaigning for Parish President. He claims it will never happen again but, who knows how many times it has happenend in the past. This was simply the first time that someone came forward.

Like most JP residents, I am repulsed by Yenni’s actions. I don’t want a Mayor or Parish President spending his free time away from his wife and family trolling high schools or playgrounds seeking his next sexual encounter with a youth.

A recall effort has begun and, thanks to our crack Louisiana legislators who have always put themselves above the people, even if the recall effort is successful, Yenni could remain an embarrassment to JP for months, possibly over a year.

I’m certain that is Yenni’s strategy (sppon fed to him by Buisson) – just wait this thing out.

However, no matter how Buisson and Yenni try to spin this, trying to hookup and have sex with a 17-year-old isn’t going away.

And, it is foolish to believe that this is the first, or only, time that Yenni has tried to have sex with a Minor.

It’s just the first time that someone stood up to stop it from happening again.