Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Dominick Impastato Wants Everyone To Be “Fair”

In 2010, when Mike Yenni was elected Mayor of Kenner, I was hopeful, even optimistic.

Sure, I heard the rumors about Yenni’s homosexual antics, but I didn’t care about that. What two consenting adults do sexually is not my business.

Even Yenni’s relationship to Aaron Broussard, 4 years “working” as Kenner CAO under Ed Muniz, and the fact that he changed his name for political purposes, while all were troubling, were put aside.

Kenner had a new Mayor with some (hopefully) new ideas that would change Kenner for the better.

At least that’s what I hoped.

But, as I’ve often said since his 2010 election, nothing about Mike Yenni is ever what it seems.

As you know it wasn’t long before Yenni came up with his scheme to double property taxes in Kenner, grow government and cut services.

The Yenni Administration became nothing more than a giant cash cow for campaign contributors.

Once Yenni maxed out Kenner’s credit line and bled Kenner dry, he conveniently split for JP.

In 2014, when Dominick Impastato won the District 5 Kenner City Council seat against former Mayor Phil Capitano, I had a similar hopefulness.

While I didn’t support Impastato (how could I with Yenni making him part of the “Consensus Team” and Impastato’s relationship with Greg Buisson), I still thought, “Here’s a young guy that might bring some new ideas and vision to Kenner.”

Yeah, I know. I was wrong again.

I should have realized that, since Impastato owed his political career to Yenni that he would amount to nothing more than another of Yenni’s Acolytes.

As I wrote the other day, Impastato is now so delusional that he actually claimed to owe Yenni “nothing”.

Yes Dominick, you campaigned hard but you would not be sitting in that Council seat were it not for Yenni and Buisson.

By the way, did you notice that the Kenner City Council just spent over $7,000 for new Council chairs?  I guess that they gotta make sure they are comfortable for the 1-2 hours twice a month that they sit there approving no-bid contracts.

At the last Council meeting, in addition to Impastato “If the shoe fits” back and forth with Al Morella, Impastato made another curious statement.

While discussing the resolution requesting that Yenni resign, Impastato said that he wanted to make sure that future Councils were fair in passing judgement because past Council’s had not been fair in chastising elected officials in similar circumstances.

Excuse me?

There has never been a “similar” situation like Mike Yenni’s sextingcapade.

But, in the interest of “fairness”, because, after all, I am all about “fairness”, I wanted to make the following solemn pledge to Impastato, residents of Kenner and Jefferson Parish, and readers everywhere.

Whenever there is a Kenner Mayor, a Jefferson Parish President, or any elected official who:

-          Trolls high schools seeking introductions to teenagers for the purposes of having a sexual relationship with them;

-          Sexts a teenager;

-          Meets a teenager in a mall and kisses them in a public restroom;

-          Suggests to s minot a threesome with two teenagers;

-          Suggests driving a minor across stateliness to have sex;

-          And suggests that he could arrange for a government job for his teenage sex partner so the two could be in close proximity without drawing suspicion

I solemnly pledge that I will call for that elected official to resign.

Now, does that make you happy Dominick?