Saturday, May 6, 2017

Kenner Councilman Offends White People and Women In The Same Breath

I have long riffed on the intelligence or rather, the lack of intelligence, of Kenner District 4 City Councilman Lenny Cline.

Cline is the posterchild for the indisputable fact that having a college degree, let alone two, is not a sign of intelligent life.

Don’t believe me? Attend a Kenner City Council meeting while Cline is still Council President. How someone can still screw up minor procedures like calling for a vote to open a public hearing is beyond me.

And please explain to me how you can put together a three-person committee (with yourself being one of the three) and screw that up?
When a major project for a new apartment complex in his District was up for approval at a Council Meeting, Cline said, "I don't have any negative or positive thoughts on the project until I see all the evidence. I want to know what's going there and why, and what quality of units will be there."

Need more proof?

It’s ok…I will wait.

As if the mountain of verbal faux pas spewing from Cline weren’t enough, at Thursday’s Kenner City Council Meeting Cline stunned even me.

Near the end of the meeting, Cline was attempting to make a point about Kenner’s diversity.

After saying that all White people “look alike” (sorry Lenny – you and I look nothing alike), Cline stated that “Kenner even has a Female City Attorney”.

The horror!

I know you are as shocked as I am that the City of Kenner, the 6th largest City in Louisiana, would have a woman as its City Attorney.

Since the departure of former Mayor and current Jefferson Parish Sexual Predator-In-Chief Mike Yenni to Parish government resulted in many Yenni-Loyalists including one of his most trusted lap dogs, former Interim City Attorney Mike Power (who was “Interim City Attorney” so that Yenni could circumvent the will of the Kenner people and dodge Kenner’s residency requirement for Department Directors, a circumvention that is continuing in the Lyin’ Ben Zahn administration), former Kenner Assistant City Attorney Leigh Roussel was promoted to Kenner City Attorney.

Roussel, who was Assistant City Attorney for several years, is eminently qualified. My dealings with her in the past have always been professional, even when we’ve disagreed.

Her promotion to City Attorney was long overdue and Kenner is lucky to have her.

Even if she is a woman. Right Lenny?

Well folks, for Lenny Cline’s sake, I sure hope he too has really small feet.

We already know that he has a really small brain.