Friday, March 29, 2013

Jindal Contributor's Former Company Subject Of FBI Health Care Fraud Probe

It has not been good recently for Governor Bobby Jindal when it comes to health care.

 A Grand Jury is investigating a $185 Million medicaid claim processing contract that was entered into with the former employer of DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein. Despite the Governor expressing confidence in Greenstein's leadership, the Secretary resigned Friday evening.

Now, there is news of more trouble for another health care company with ties to Governor Jindal.

The former CEO of Universal Health Care, A.K. Desai, and his company are the subject of an FBI probe into alleged health care fraud. The offices of the Florida-based company, which filed for bankruptcy protection on February 6th, were raided Thursday. The company is accused of over-billing, possibly, defrauding the government.

Last week, a judge ordered Universal into receivership and on Friday, another Judge ordered an affiliated company to also enter receivership.

Desai is the former Finance Chairman of the Florida Republican Party and has contributed and raised money for many leading Republicans including Governor Jindal.

Desai, his wife, several family members, and Universal Health Care, have all contributed to Governor Jindal. 

Universal Health Care has approximately 100,000 members, 60,000 being Medicaid members and 40,000 having Medicare.

850 employees of Universal lost their jobs due to the receivership.