Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Politico Says Governor Jindal Biggest CPAC Loser

The online blog Politico.com, released it’s list of CPAC Winners and Losers. The blog says Governor Jindal was the biggest loser.

“The widespread expectation among conservative thought leaders is that the Louisiana governor will be the 2016 cycle’s Tim Pawlenty, a nice guy who would make a great cabinet secretary for the next Republican president. He pulled 3 percent in the straw poll, tied with Palin.
It was a sign of how much Jindal has been overshadowed by Paul and Rubio that throngs of attendees streamed out of the room after Romney spoke and before he took the stage an hour later. Romney himself notably omitted Jindal, who endorsed Rick Perry in the primaries, from a list of nine Republican governors that the party can learn from.

Jindal positioned himself as the GOP’s truth teller in the wake of the election, criticizing Romney and saying Republicans must “stop being the stupid party.” Many noticed that he dropped that admonition in his CPAC address.
Otherwise, he delivered an almost identical speech to the one he gave this January in Charlotte at the Republican National Committee winter meeting and, later, at a National Review conference in D.C. The governor’s advisers say that the message – embracing growth over austerity – is an important one that bears repeating.

Jindal also recycled the same jokes he delivered at last weekend’s Gridiron Dinner in Washington.
“I see Eric Holder is with us,” he said at one point, setting up a jest at the attorney general.

Holder, obviously, was not at CPAC.”

Can you say “Ouch”? I think that hurt more than the Governor’s Sunday auto accident.

You can view Politico's full report here.